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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020


I'll list here the Trophies (PS4) / Achievements (XONE) related to the Campaign of this game. I'll put the PS4 first with XONE to follow at a later date (Update: included XONE as well).

NameUnlock RequirementType of TrophyGS Points
Tier 1Unlock all Trophies.PLATINUM
Press [BOOM] to DefuseBlow up 3 tripwires with explosives.Bronze20
Ashes to AshesBurn 4 enemies with a single molotov.Silver25
Hang TimeKill 3 Enemies while you are on a ladder.Bronze20
Long Way DownCrash a helicopter by shooting the pilot.Silver30
Wild FireTake down a flying Helicopter with a molotov.Gold40
Good Effect on TargetKill an enemy with a direct hit from a smoke grenade.Silver20
Out of the FireComplete every single player mission on Veteran or Realism difficulty.Gold150
Tea TimeComplete the single player Campaign on any difficulty.Silver100
Nothing but NetNeutralize the 'Fog of War' machine gun with a frag grenade.Bronze20
Trigger DisciplineDo not injure any civilians in 'Piccadilly'.Gold50
Play DeadKill all the enemies in the 'Embedded' field of dead bodies.Silver25
Companion BlockOnly use one cinder block and bring it to the end of 'Embedded'.Silver40
Wall HaxSave Alpha 3-2 from being downed.Bronze25
Golden PathComplete 'Clean House' without being hit using one bullet per threat.Gold50
Circus TourKill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic and both Subway undergrounds.Bronze30
Love from AboveDestroy 4 trucks with 4 drone strikes before they reach the end of their path in 'The Embassy'.Silver30
Pit StopStop three APCs with Hadir's sniper rifle.Silver40
Driver's EdShoot the driver of the suicide truck.Silver50
Two BirdsKill both soldiers with one shot in 'Hometown'.Silver25
Tunnel RatComplete 'The Wolf's Den' tunnels using only the 1911.Silver30
Dodged a BulletNever get hit by the sniper while escaping captivity.Silver25
Got Something on Your FaceSpit on Barkov.Silver15
Hot SwapGet at least one kill with eight different weapons when completing 'Old Comrades'.Silver30
Lights OutShut off the power to 4 buildings in 'Going Dark'.Bronze30
We Own the NightKill all enemies at the Church, Clocktower, and Pool without anyone calling for backup.Gold50
Warheads on ForeheadsReach Barkov's lab entrance using only drone strikes.Silver30