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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

The Wolf's Den

Put on your goggles when prompted. Then, go through the door, kill the first enemy and then a second will show up from the next door, kill him as well. Clear the rest of the house then breach through the gate outside (location highlighted in your objectives). After you enter the next house, clear the room after the door to your left. Next, second door to right, after the entrance, enter it and kill the power by interacting with the small white circle as usual (location highlighted in the objectives). Then follow your commander and kill enemies that appear (on the second deck you´ll need to clear a room to the right and maybe a balcony). Go to next floor. Bash through the door highlighted with a small white circle and kill enemies in there. Then go back to the first floor. Follow your commander. Enter the house and interact with the wood on the floor. Once in the Den, beware of tripwires, disarm/crawl under them. Go straight and disarm the first tripwire. Go straight and turn right, then go straight slowly until you reach another tripwire, disarm it. Keep going straight slowly, until another tripwire. Crawl under it and kill the enemies that try to surprise you. Then, disarm it (one of the enemies will drop a FAL grab it if you want). Then turn left until another tripwire (if you try to keep going straight they´ll block it). Shoot an ambusher on top and fall back because his body will fall and trigger the tripwire. Then, after the explosion, keep advancing. Then, return to the main corridor, where your commander is, take out the enemies to the right (s/he will help you), then back to central corridor. Go straight, kill an enemy on the left. Go further straight, when the trap is triggered, retreat to safety. Then, advance when it becomes possible, crawling when needed. Then, stand and kill enemies that appear. Then, turn left (the direction the enemies were heading). Then, keep advancing while killing the enemies that appear. Next, to the right, more enemies and a tripwire. Take care of the enemies and then crawl under the tripwires and disarm them (one to the left and one to the right-one enemy hiding in each and a third one in the center besides any fleeing ones). Then, if you try to advance to the next place an enemy will show up, take care of him, and then a large place with a machine gun at the end. Try to kill an enemy to the left first, then throw a tactical before advancing to a cover. You can advance to the second row on the left, if you look right now you shall see a hole in the wall, use another tactical and enter it, then follow it to take out the gunner and any remaining hostiles. Then, follow the commander and drop where s/he does it. Move (the left stick on PS4 to clear the debris). Next, enter through the lighted path. Then, push the cart and enter the way to the left. Keep advancing towards a red flare taking care of enemies and hiding when the oil puddles are ignited. The room of the red flare will ignite, push the cart close to the central pillar, then use it to climb and reach a ladder. Climb the ladder as well then take care of 3 enemies, be fast. Then climb the other ladder ahead of you, a bit to the left. Kill an ambusher then reach and climb a ladder on the other side (to the back after climbing the other ladder) taking care of another ambusher before climbing it and another one on the top of it. Then kill an enemy that appear and take care as well of another in the higher level, then climb the ladder. Then follow your commander until a blue door. Open it. Interact with the body. You´ll have to disarm a bomb. Cut the wires in the order told you and in the same moment told by him/her and by interacting with them after choosing them by looking at them (right stick on PS4). Green first. Yellow second. Red third (there are 3 highlightable places, take the one of the top).