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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

The Embassy

After the scene, follow your commander. Keep following him and when you need take cover and battle the enemies (you can grab an M4A1 weapon on the left desk). Keep moving and as you´re told use the glass for cover. After clearing the enemies, move and you should reach a corridor with your commander at its beginning and 2 doors at its other end, open the door to the right. Keep going ahead taking care of the enemies along. In the room after the intercom, there´ll be a computer, interact with it to use the CCTV cameras. You´ll need to use them to guide a unarmed worker to safety without being spotted by enemies.

Press R2. Use triangle to switch to different cameras. You´ll choose which way for the worker to go with R2 and when you need to see in other places, so as to further instruct the worker in how to advance, use the cameras, switch between them with Triangle. Press triangle, then R2, then triangle again. Then R2 near the embassy logo. Then R2 near a furniture with papers. Then triangle to switch cameras. Then R2 near a red wall, then R2 again, around another cart, near a desk. Then R2 near the end of this desk and then R2 again close to a corpse. Then switch to the camera on the left (triangle), then R2 to the right of where the worker is (you´ll need to turn the camera around), beware of the approaching soldier. Then change to the camera near the left corner of the screen, when the soldier is not seeing you go to forward to the closest highlighted R2 location. Then R2 near the water. Then switch to the next camera, and use R2 along the corridor stopping by the next door (one that appears to have some wood besides its colors). Change to the next camera. Then R2 near the body. When the soldier is away use R2 to go for the next cubicle, then change to the camera on the left. Then R2 to next place possible, a little to the left (if you are fast enough you can do it while the soldier is still facing the other direction). R2 to the next green cubicle then change to the camera ahead of it. Then R2 to the desk on the left. Then change to the next camera and head to the cubicle with a machine that has a power icon on it (I think it´s called a shredder). Turn it on by interacting with it, this will serve as a distraction to facilitate your escape (remember you still can't fully control your character, so "move", turn it on, when it's appropriate). While the soldier is coming go to the blue door "escape".

After that, go the location highlighted in your objectives and follow the group. Open the gate by interacting with the keycard to the right of it. Enemies will appear, clear them trying to find some cover. Then keep following your commander. When you reach the next gate use the keycard again as prompted. Next, head to the rooftop highlighted in your objectives. Grab the sniper rifle near a box (dark green) and then use it to observe unknowns just ahead in the distance. When prompted, launch flare, there is a green light close to it. The flare will iluminate the area making it easier to engage the hostiles, every time the field goes dark you´ll need to launch it again. Then shoot the enemies that come including the ones with rocket launchers (RPGs). After the first wave, they´ll throw a mortar at you, if you want you can switch back to your old weapon. Go down the roof and take cover to engage the enemies. You might need to move around to heal and grenades might be useful for enemies grouped together.

Enter the building with your commander, take weapons/ammo and the designator. You will use it to mark targets. Next exit the building and climb the ladder put forth by one of your friends. Now mark the targets as you please, after the button prompt, and see some explosions (on the building under construction there are 3 levels where enemies are found, afterwards there will be enemy vehicles on the street, though the first one might be civilian, mark those vehicles and enemies grouped together in preference). Afterwards, you´ll have to engage the remaining enemies without this great help.

Next, you´ll have to clear a mortar house, follow your friend as designated clearing enemies on the way. After yu drop from the building get cover to the left near a small concrete wall, shoot the enemies and move away if they toss grenades at you, then return to your cover if you wish or find another one. Then follow your objective marker until you find a main door, the one to the mortar house. Boost your friend and enter the house. Go towards the stairs clearing the enemies on the path. Climb the stairs. An enemy before you reach its end, another in the toilet to the left and another will come from the room at the end of the corridor. Now bash the highlighted door. Then kill the 2 last enemies of this house. Then you'll have to head back to where you were and then to the final location marker (from your objectives) which is where you first dropped the target. Clear the enemies along the way, they´ll be a bit numerous, but if you flank and take cover while taking care for their grenades, you should reach it, from cover to cover.