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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Proxy War

Follow the person to the rooftop and take the control pad. You´ll be flying drones after pressing the button prompted on the screen. You need to crash into helicopters of the enemy (the drones are loaded with explosives and you can accelerate the drone if you need to). Next go to the location highlighted by your objectives after dropping from the building. (Just follow them and after the checkpoint you can can take cover behind boxes to the left, you can throw some molotovs if you like after the game prompts you. Move forward but to the left side taking down enemies that might show. You can take cover at the end of the house without going downhill and then shoot the enemies that appear. Remember your molotovs and the grenades from enemy icons, you should move away from enemies´ grenades. Fly the drone when prompted and blow the chopper and next the small tower or any other thing you´d like to blow. Next go to the concrete blocks in the middle. Then go left (more enemies will appear). After taking cover fly the drones again. After the drones and killing some enemies that might appear move forward, but still by the left side. When prompted to fly drones, take cover and do so. If you are still on the left side, after the drones are gone you can turn right and go forward, while taking cover and shooting enemies that get in your way. When going forward you can still contour the place like by clinging to the left side. Next go the armory, which is highlighted in your objectives. In the armory, kill the 2 soldiers and grab anything that might interest you. (You can also take more molotov from the back of Farah or Hadir, you´ll see the icon highlighting it). After the scene, go through the gate and you´ll have to take down an enemy chopper. Take cover on the house to the right and then use a drone to destroy the chopper when prompted. Then use the window as cover and take down the enemies ahead. Now, move ahead, when you see a soldier moving, you can take cover inside one of the houses, maybe one to the left. After shooting the enemies and moving forward you reach an open area. Take cover behind the mid tall concrete things and try to take out the enemy on the tower to the right, if you grabbed a Kar98k this might be a good use of it, then back to short-mid-range combat. Take out the enemies ahead, you can mount your weapon on the concrete things, a molotov might also help, and then move forward, toward the hangar, while taking cover and eliminating enemy soldiers on the way (beware of enemy grenades). After reaching the hangar, there will be some enemies behind close to the entrance, take them out and then head to the red house at its end. The door will be locked, so go to the left and boost the person and then climb to the top of the house using his help. He will open the hatch, stay next to him and shoot the enemy that appear then try to be fast. Drop down going toward the enemy you just shot and shoot the one hiding to the right and then turn around around and take the other soldier out (3 enemies in total) then you can grab grenades or anything else of interest to you) Next you´ll have to defend the hangar. You can do it your way or you can go to the right and take cover there and then shoot the enemies that come naturally. Call for air support when prompted. You will be in control of a plane, use rockets to destroy the 3 vehicles you see moving below and ahead of you (you might need more than one shot) then use chain gun to take down soldiers. And rocket to take down the tank trying to breach through the hangar´s entrance. Disengage when prompted.