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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Old Comrades

Follow your commander and when a suitcase with weapons is opened take the one that you want. Then, conceal your weapon and follow your commander. Then, when you reach a group of people, shoot when signaled by your commander. Then interact with the door to your right (highlighted by the mission objectives). Then, go down the stairs and turn left. Go ahead, and then right, another group of enemies. Shoot them when signaled, but don´t shoot the one with yellow cloth. He will escape, you´ll have to follow him and clear enemies along the way (before running after him, you might want to grab a weapon on the floor, there´s one dropped by an enemy near the door through which the target escapes). If you lose track of him, you can look at the objective marker it´ll show where to go next and beware of grenades and rocket launchers along the way. After he´s captured, join the van, grab the weapon if you want and defend the van using the windows of the rear door to shoot pursuers.

After the scene, go to the blue van, interact with its back. Then interact with its interior and go back to your commander. If you choose the left option, continue following until you are asked to looked in your objectives. Look at it and interact with the object to your right. Do as you please, then follow your commander and enter the car.