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by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020


"Well, let's not complicate things then." Captain Price

UPDATE: I said in the final sections that I could write a guide for Warzone (it was still a rumor this BR mode at the time). Well, it turns out AV released an official guide to accompany Warzone (in case you still don't know it's the name of the f2p standalone BR mode of this game). It's very extensive, has loads of great info some even basic. But they also convey something that I never did with my guides: tips. They give out tons of Pro Tips. In honesty, I never gave out any tips because I don't honestly know how to play BR, I just play it because I have fun with it, usually enough to entertain myself and kill some time, so my BR guides focused not on tips. I might be somewhere around 500h if I add up all the BR games I've played so far, so it's probably safe to say that BR is becoming my favorite MP mode (maybe another good explanation as to why I BR so much goes along the lines of "Free Will"). All this is to just say that I won't write a guide for Warzone as the official one is pretty good and the one I had in mind will probably not be as good as the official from dear AV. Thanks! And in case you want to know, you can find the official guide here:


you might need to type the link above or copy/paste because I think GFAQs doesn't support sharing of links; in other words, you'll have to trust me :-)

Hello and welcome to my FAQ for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). This is meant to be a Walkthrough for the Campaign covering it from beginning to end. This is not my first guide, but ... it's my first Walkthrough. I'll also list other info that might be of interest, like controls and Trophies/Achievements. This FAQ already covers the whole Campaign, so I'm releasing it as a 1.0 version. However I may improve it in the future if I have time, but at least, in honesty, I don't expect much change for this FAQ.

That's all and don't forget to hit the green "YES" button on the top of the page, it's from GFAQs itself, and after that you can leave a comment (optional). But know that you'll remain anonymous. For my guides, I never knew who commented or hit the "YES" button. But, if you don't mind, leave your username or other contacts.


You can contact me by the emails:



You can also find more on gaming at my site



A second form of supporting this work is through donations. Look for a button with "donate" written in it and close to my username, you should be redirected to PayPal, you can donate there. 50 cents (USD) is what I'm expecting, but you can give more if you so like (you can set there the value you want to give). You can also become a Patron through the following Link: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=22919968

Now, to the guide! (Donations are also optional, of course)