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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Into the Furnace

Follow the vehicle and your fellows. Use the designator when prompted to take down the chopper. Take enemies with as well and then a second chopper. Then, keep following the vehicle, use the laser marking on the small tower and then, you can take cover maybe before rocks, and mark a third enemy chopper. After it, you can advance circling through the left and using the designator also for the large group of enemies that might appear (you might also use your rifles for taking down enemies). After advancing, take cover by a big rock about the center of the area, a fourth enemy chopper will appear, but this one will be harder to put down. It will keep swinging in the air, so there might be a ways of taking it down: you just wait a while and the chopper will briefly stop swinging, now is your chance, hurry and mark it with the designator. If you are fast enough, it won´t have enough room for escape. Next you can reach the next area by circling through the right of the central rock where you were before and taking down the remaining enemies. Head to the door highlighted in your objectives. Then follow your comrades until an entrance. Advance further into the next room and lights will go off, main ones. Now you have to clear enemies, take cover foe doing that. Then enter room to the left, clear enemies and go up the stairs. Clear the 2 enemies that appear without advancing too much, now if you advance 3 enemies will attack you from the left, take them out. Then keep advancing and try to reach the location point by your objective while finding cover when possible to clear enemies along the way. After reaching the objective´s location, interact with the object within the van and then head to the blue door after your fellows. Then engage the enemies. After clearing them, go towards the location pointed by your objectives and you´ll be interrupted. You´ll need to take down an enemy, try using grenades to stun him and shoot him in the head (flashbang can also be helpful and if you run out of ammo you can try to grab a weapon from a downed enemy). After taking him down, follow your commander until you reach a door interact with the button to the right of it and then a cutscene will be triggered.

Now, use launcher as you please and/or switch to your other weapon. Initially try to take some enemies, then flank through the right. Then take the ramp in the middle when there are not many enemies, after the ramp circle through the left, take down enemies and when the blue door in the far end opens, a group of enemies will appear, take them down (you can use a grenade if you have any left). Then enter the door and follow the corridor/stairs until an open area with large red pipes, interact with them (use the small white circle over them). Next, take cover before sneak attacking your target, wait for the right moment when he´s looking away. Press Square (PS4) when prompted, then R3 (PS4). Keep pressing R3 (PS4) as many times as needed then choose the option that you want.

After that enjoy the ending and credits roll. I recommend going through the credits, there's a cutscene after it.