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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Hunting Party

After the scene follow comrades toward hospital. You will reach a passage blocked by a tripwire, you´ll have to disarm it. It clears the path and provides a grenade. You can disarm tripwires from here on, try to find the grenade, if it is hard to find it, at times you can go prone and crawl under it. Follow your comrades and throw a smoke when prompted, remember to try to advance from cover to cover when possible. After the smoke, go ahead and turn right, take cover and shoot enemies that appear. Then go towards stairs to the right of the house, climb it partially trying to use it as a partial cover, kill the foes and mind the one with a rocket launcher on the top of the building ahead. Then advance to a cover trying to be not too far away from your comrades. Go to a pickup in the middle of the area ahead try to clear some enemies, then throw a smoke to advance further clearing the remaining enemies. Then head to the door marked on your objectives, your fellows should be there. Bash the door, and advance clearing the enemy that show up. Go to the stairs, there´ll be a tripwire, to disarm it, go around the stairs, you should see a grenade with a small white interaction circle, climb the box, interact with the grenade and the tripwire will be disarmed. Climb the stairs and go to the other stairs at the end of the corridor and climb it as well, you shall find 3 enemies and can shoot them through the wall holes or bash the door and take them, your choice. Then follow through the room and climb down the next stairs towards your next objective. Follow the tank and then split from it when you have room for that. You can take the left side of the field and take out enemies while in cover. Mind the one with the rocket launcher atop the building in front of the hospital along the road. Then advance clearing the remaining enemies and eventually, enter the hospital.

Advance by falnking it, you can do it by the left side for example, and secure the floor until you reach a door. Bash it and kill the 2 enemies that appear at the end of the corridor, kill the other one afterwards, turn right in the corridor, there´ll be more enemies, enter the room to the left. Use it as a cover and clear enemies. After this room, to the right there´s a tripwire, you should be able to disarm it. Then after the tripwire, turn left, and then left again (there´s a sign with Pharmacy written in it, follow it), there´ll be more enemies, find cover, maybe to the right and clear them. After you find yourself at the end, climb the stairs. Enter the door to the right and then the one to the left, keep following the corridor, beware of enemies in disguise. The last "patient", which is close to a door, will try to shoot at you, kill him. Keep advancing, when you try to turn right a machine gun from the other end of the corridor will strike you, you might need to fall back a little bit. Then try to use a smoke if need be to advance to the next cover. You can take cover to the right. Kill the enemies, and try to advance in spite of the machine gun (instead of smoke, you can wait for its brief pauses). Then try to find cover on the left side, taking down hostiles in the process. There will be another tripwire, disarm it when you have room for that. Keep pushing forward, you might find the machine gunner, just kill him and before advancing, another tripwire, disarm it as well (if you run out of ammo, you have a pistol, or better you can grab a weapon from the floor, from a downed opponent). Interact with the door when prompted, and after a while exit the device. Then turn right and go through the window. On the next door, open it gently, there´s a tripwire after it, disarm the tripwire and then open the door fully. Then go crouch through the path and interact with the person to end this level.