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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough


Press X (PS4). Then look around for a brick, interact with it. Then keep pressing X again. Follow the person when s/he prompts you until you reach a house with a blue door, enter it. Then follow the person from before to the place s/he indicates. Next, interact with the cellphone on the table. Then follow again s/he. After the soldier appears, go to the right (corridor). Hide from him by entering one of the doors into another room. He will stumble on a desk in the room where you should be, things will fall on the floor, interact with a knife to grab and next attack him on his back. Then, go to back to the corridor, you shall see a screwdriver on the floor (again, small white circle), grab it, and attack him again when he is looking away. Go to the room to the left of the screwdriver and you shall see a square hole on the wall near a bed (there is smoke coming out of it), crawl through it. Then back to the corridor. You can go if you want to the same room of the beginning when you first striked him, wait for him to pass and sneak attack him again. Still on this room, about the center, you shall find another weapon (small white circle) grab it, and then sneak attack the soldier (if you like there´s also a weapon in the bathroom). After the scene attack him and then repeatedly and grab his AK-47 when he turns away. Shoot with it. Next, interact with his head and after with his back. Then head towards the outside door and climb using a boost then press and hold the button prompted (Square on PS4). Follow the person, crawling/crouching when needed. Just keep following him, until you remove the object, still follow him. Then you´ll need to get to a truck. Go into the vegetation and crouch. You´ll need to grab a weapon and take down the 2 soldiers. The weapon is in a "table" near the center of this level. When they´re both looking away, just go there and grab it by interacting with it. Then, quickly, take down the one to the left or go back to the the grass and then shoot one of them, keep hiding in the grass, move around if you need, and if you like use the cell-phone to distract the other soldier (the button prompts on the screen), while he´s distracted, shoot him. Then go to the truck and interact with it. When you are "back" try to move.