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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Highway of Death

This is one of the nicest missions of the game, it´s a sort of a ludic one as well. It´ll teach you, if you don´t already know, the basics of ballistics, which is how you should shoot enemies at very long ranges. In short you need to account for gravity, air drag and wind. The first 2 make the bullets you shoot to drop falling beneath where they would usually hit. The third one make push the bullets usually to the sides, so when shooting you have to account for this effect and offset the direction of sight a little. The first 2 are usually accounted for by the use of ballistic markings, for the sniper rifle you´ll use in this mission, each marking accounts for 200 m. So, for a target 400 m away you should aim by placing the point where you want your bullets to land on 2 ballistic markings beneath the bulls-eye, and then if the wind is blowing from right to left you offset the aiming a little to the right, so that while the wind blows the bullets drop where you want. How much should the offset be? Well, this is one way of doing it, give some spare shots, so you visually get how much the wind pushes your bullets from the line sight. Next, for a serious shot you take that into account like using the gut feeling.

After the scene, follow your commander, and take the sniper rifle when prompted. Then go prone, and look your scope through the hole in the wall. Aim Down the Sight (ADS) and look at the a blinking light (you can follow your objectives it will point you the location) then use L3 to zoom. You shall see a companion, follow him while still on ADS. Then another companion will put a green gallon near a white flag further ahead. Now, you have to shoot the green gallon. It is 400 m away, use the ballistic markings (each line below the bulls eye accounts for 200 m, you should place your target on the second notch below the main line of your reticle). But this is not all, you also need to account for the wind. Use the markings on the horizontal line of the reticle´s cross, here the wind is blowing from right to left so, as instructed, aim placing 1 marking to the right over the target, the will push it, making it to fall on the desired destination (you can also give some spare shots on the ground to get a feel for the wind push and beware that the wind will change direction over the course of the mission). Next, shoot the object after properly aiming. Zoom out and the aim at a blue house in the distance. After you zoom in, look for a flag and then a fruit to the right of it, you´ll have to shoot it. This time, the range is 600 m, so you need to use 3 markings instead of the 2 you used earlier. The wind should be accounted for similarly, 1 marking (horizontal).

Next, zoom out, and look the highway, you should have enemy encounters. Look at the moving oil pump (to the right of the earlier blue house). Then, keep looking at the road. A white vehicle will come from the right through the road. Zoom and follow them. They´ll climb a roof, shoot them when prompted (they are 400 m away so 2 notches, and the wind is still as previously so 1 horizontal marking). Next, you can use your objective marker, follow it, it will highlight 2 allies who will take the previous white vehicle. Then, use objective markers and follow enemy vehicles, coming again from the right. Detonate the truck when prompted (aim at a small white circle on it and press the button prompted). Then, shoot the enemies (first enar the ambush, then at a bus-2 vertical markings and 1 horizontal marking should do it). Then, when the vehicles come, shoot the engines, you might feel better by zooming out. When they reach you, you can change your weapon to an AK-47 and engage them (Triangle button on PS4). Then, when they start firing mortars, go back to the sniper spot, wait for another shot, you should see light from it, there you are, you now know their location, snipe the mortar users (2 v markings and 1 h marking again, the 1st mortar is just ahead). The second one is closer but about the same direction (for this one I used 1 v marking and 1 h marking). Now, to the third mortar. It is located near the previous blue house, a bit far away something like 600 m, but still about the same direction of the previous mortars (I used 3 v markings and 1 h marking for this one, the wind hasn´t changed direction yet). Then, shoot the suicide car that will come.

Next, look at your objectives, go to the highlighted location and resupply. Then, go to the next highlighted location which is a call from a fellow, interact with the radio. Now, there will be a sniper, go prone if you like to hide from his shots. Then look ahead, his location will blink from his sight, and note that now, the wind shifted direction it´s now right to left and much stronger (4 h markings to the left and 2 v markings below and you should get him-if you miss the first shot he´ll probably try to use the bus to his left). Next, you´ll need to hit mortar teams about 600 m away. Near the blue house of old (3 v markings and 4 h markings to the left). If you miss, they´ll be taken care of. Next vehicles will come your way from the left on the road, shoot their tires. Next, you´ll have to engage enemy, detonate explosives especially when there´s a good number of them near it (look at the small white circle and interact with it). Then, follow your friend when prompted and interact with the truck. Next, folow the objective marker.