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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Going Dark

Follow your commander. Shoot the light when prompted and put on your night vision goggles (there´s a light meter to the left, if it´s low it means you´re in the dark, if it´s high then you are in a illuminated place-you should try to stay in the dark). Keep following him and his instructions when you reach a door, kill the power by interacting with the fuse box to the left of the door, wait for the enemy to come out, he´ll be taken care of. In the next area, shoot the light when instructed. Then take out the enemies according to the instructions, the 2 on the right first then the 2 on the left. Then, follow your commander, look at objectives when prompted and then interact with wooden pole ahead. There are 3 locations to search, go to all 3 or follow the order here. Pool, if you prefer (the locations including their names are highlighted in the objectives). Go around it by the right, open the door and turn left 3 enemies will be interrogating a hostage, kill them quickly. Then, clocktower. Enter through the door to the right of the main entrance, then, when inside go left and open the door while taking down enemies as needed. Then, interact with the hostage as usual and head to the church (to exit the clocktower maybe you can go back to where you entered it, like backtracking, trying to remain hidden). Then, Church. Try to enter the church through its back and kill the lights if you like by interacting with the box to the right of the door (you can take the enemies outdoors stealthy). After the lights are turned off wait for the enemies to open the door you can try to open it, it´s locked. Then turn right, and go ahead and kill the enemies around the hostage to afterwards, interact with him/her.

Next, head to the main house, this is where your target is. Enter through the left and try to stay hidden on your way there. Enter the house through the door opened by an enemy. Then, you´ll need to reach the third floor. You can kill to try some enemies along the way to make things better, then when you reach third floor, rally with your commander and interact with door, the code is the one given away by one of the hostages. Interact with the door after the scene then go left and keep following your comrades. Then, after you grab an item from your fellow, kill the enemies ahead and move forward, more enemies will appear, take care for the one in the higher level. Then leave the house and reach the escape tunnel (you can highlight your objectives to see its location and you can just rush to it).