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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough

Fog of War

After the initial cutscene you[ll find yourself in a forestry environment. The action is saved for later, just follow your teammates and don[t turn on tour flashlights, you[re supposed to be stealthy at least in this beggining.

Next use your goggles as requested to spot the places you are requested to. You should initially look for a truck entering through main gate right below you and your comrades. Next call in an airstrike when prompted.

Next follow your teammates and go down. You´ll find some enemies through the woods but you don´t have to worry yet, they´ll be taken care of by your comrades. Then, follow them and enter the facility. Go theough the door, but again your teammates will take care of the enemies.

Now, the action starts. Passing through the next door can be a bit tough, so you can try to throw a tactical throwable at the origin of the shots coming at you when it briefly pauses between shots and then move ahead. Or you can take it out by shooting it after mounting your weapon as the game suggests.

Move ahead and stay on the rail beside the railcar. Enemies will show on the next car, shoot them (you can change the fire rate as the game suggests if you like). Proceed past the cars, then if you look left you should be about the position to receive gunshots from that first weapon abck when you opened the door to enter this area. Push forward (after turning left) there should be more enemies (beware of the mounted gun shooting, look at the light coming from it). Take cover and then take them down.

Now go right through the house. There will be enmies up, take them down. Climb the ladder, take out the remaining enemies. You should now go right from where you ascended after climbing the ladder (in any case you can consult your objectives it will usually show where to go next). Take cover help your comrades to shoot the enemies, but they should take them down at this point. Keep following them. Turn on the flashlight when prompted and keep moving. After you pass your last comrade, turn right, then if you look left there should be an enemy, take him down. Close to him there will be another enemy, to his right, beware so you´re not ambushed. Keep moving and there will be other enemies. One behind the furniture with some papers and another on the catwalk, you can use a flashbang as the game suggests if you like (try to find some cover, the green box before the foes might be an option). If you keep moving forward towards the direction you were shot at you will find a power switch, it will be highlighted with a small circle, interact with it, it should turn the power back on. Next interact with the items on the truck to the left of the door that opens. Enter the vehicle close to the gate (there should be a small white circle on its door).