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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough


You´ll find yourself in tunnels, just follow them. Interact with one of them to take the item and then climb the ladder. Put on the item when requested. Hide your weapons when prompted, then follow the person. After splitting and before entering the place ahead, grab a cinderblock to the right. After you reach open area agin go left. Follow the instructions given you (the person will take out an enemy and you should take out another to the left of him indoors using the cinderblock you grabbed). Keep following the person. Now, after hiding behind a truck you´ll need a suppressor, instead you´ll be prompted to get an oil filter, look around for it (in civilian cars). Check the car in the back of you besides another truck, nothing in there. To the left of it, indoors there is another vehicle check it and you should find what you were looking for. Follow the instructions from the person (your commander) and move through the right of the truck. Shoot the 2 guards in front of you. Enter the building whose entrance you just cleared and keep following the commander. Besides your commander there should be a hole in the wall, use it to shoot 2 guards from left to right (you´ll need to crouch to use the hole). After clearing the guards you can take some throwing knives on the table if you like. Conceal your weapon again, and go outdoors, following your commander again. Now you´ll be on the top of a building you´ll need to clear 2 helicopters.

Go down the stairs beside your commander. Keep moving forward and circle the construction, to the left you´ll need to crouch to pass through. Grab a cinderblock and get past the 2 enemy soldiers and go to the end of corridor after some stairs and enter left. Inside the building there´ll be some stairs leading to the top take them, then go left you should see light entering through a door past it more soldiers, They won´t let you pass with the cinderblock, use your suppressed weapon and take them, stealthily (right in front of them a wall with holes, so just go right of the previous door, crouch and take them out by shooting through the holes) Clim the stairs the soldiers were guarding and you should find the first chopper, but before planting the explosive you can take out the enemies, again if you want, stealthily. Go back to the second floor where those soldiers were guarding. You canlook at your objective to remember the location of the second chopper. Just move straight and the turn right to then take the corridor to the left (still on the second floor). Go past the corridor, on the other building there´ll be another stair to the left of a caged dog try climbing it, you´ll be prompted to stop, wait for the sign to move on. There´ll be another guard, don´t worry, your commander has got you covered. Plant the explosive on the second chopper. Clim your way back down to where your commander is (the objectives highlight it). Follow your commander and detonate the charges when asked to do so (just look at a small white circle at one of the choppers). Follow your commander. Go prone, and enter beneath the truck your commander entered (also beaneath). After the truck, stand again and keep following your commander to escape the soldiers. When you enter a new area, conceal your weapon and go prone, hidig in the grass just as your commander is doing. After that keep crawling before him/her and then help in taking out the enemies. Enter the building and climb the boxes, just following your commander. Follow his/her instructions to halt or keep moving, then enter with him/her the building and get down to the tunnels by climbing down a ladder.