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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

Campaign Walkthrough


Move toward the door. Then press the button when prompted. Then follow the instructions interacting with white circles when prompted. Next, after going out of the room, sit on the chair by buttoning. Next, an interrogatory, answer as you please. Here, some answers (PS4): Square, move around to avoid the water and use L3 (PS4) to breath, Square, survive the water, Square. Interact with the object. More talks: Square. Next, interact with your hands. Then in front of the bed and close to the door, a spoon on the ground (small white circle), interact with it. Then interact with the other small white circle to the left of the bed. Pass through the passage, stand and turn right and reach another passage after going forward and turning left. Interact with the passage and grab a stone on the floor (small white circle). Go to the door and aim and throw the rock at the red button. Then turn right and go straight entering through a door in the room where the first interrogation took place. Interact with the door to the right of the chair or if you prefer go directly to the chair, grab it and put it besides the entrance to this room, to the left from you after you exit it and use the chair to climb and reach a passage on the wall near the ceiling. Enter the hole in the next room, actually a passage, and crawl through it. Then interact at the end of it to exit it. Kill the soldier stealthily now. Then, exit the room and take care of the soldier in the stairs. Climb the stairs until a door and interact with it. Interact with the red button to the left. Then interact with the green closet to the left of the red button you just pressed and arm yourself.

Enter the room to the left after you exit the one with the weapons. Find cover, take down enemy soldiers and use the objective marker if needed to reach your next objective. Keep pressing forward. When you reach an open area after a gate, watch out for a sniper in a high place ahead (the light from his sight reveals his position), keep advancing while taking down enemies and finding cover. After covering in the first block to protect from the sniper, you can go to cover in the right and battle there. Then, near the sniper, a rocket launcher. You can keep advancing through the right being aware of the sniper and grenades thrown at you. When you reach the sniper´s building, kill him, he´ll be on the catwalk. Then interact with the door to the left of the entrance (you can use the objectives to find its location).

Then, follow the commander until there´s a door that you can interact with. Open it by buttoning it according to the screen prompts.