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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by squalledu86

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Guide and Walkthrough by squalledu86

Version: Final?? | Updated: 08/24/2020

About the Game

An official description (from AV):


Partner with special forces and freedom fighters to retrieve stolen chemical weapons. Covert operations will take you across Europe and the Middle East in order to stop full scale global war.

The world will look to you to do what needs to be done.


Captain John Price

Operating in the shadows for the British Special Air Service (SAS), Price pledged to keep the world safe. If he does his job correctly - we won't hear anything about it.

Commander Farah Karim

Farah Karim was born into conflict; she didn't choose this life. Every day is a battle as she fights for freedom as the leader of the Urzik militia.


A career CIA agent, "Alex" takes an assignment, completes the mission, and moves on. Now embedded with local forces, the stakes are much higher.

The Wolf

The wolf pursues independence for his people by any means necessary. His insurgents are solely focused on removing his homeland's foreign occupiers.

Sergeant Kyle Garrick

A former British Army Officer, Garrick now works counter-terrorism in London. He is frustrated that more isn't being done to tackle today's threats.



Tier-1 special forces with the tech to own the night and the enemy.


Terrorist group hell bent on inflicting mass casualties anywhere, anytime.


Agents who provide intel to and reinforce domestic and international partner forces.

Urzik Militia

Freedom fighters who defend their homeland from occupiers and terrorists.

Barkov's Forces

Mercs and soldiers who carry out the General's brutal agenda.


Urzikstan is a fictional country.