How do I fix "unable to access online services" error on PS4, due to file share?

  1. So my gf and I have been trying to play Modern Warfare together for the past week and we keep running into the same issue. We both have separate PS4's and play on separate TVs in the living room together all the time on Fortnite without any problems.

    I purchased the full version months ago and haven't have troubles loading up before. I let her play a couple times, she fell in love with the game and wanted to play with me now! But, spitscreen is out of the question, I'm not a pleb and refuse to play on half a screen without headphones lol. So I file shared with her; activating her PS4 to be the primary for my account. No issues, it worked fine when she played by herself.
    But, now when we try to load up together, only one of us makes it past the title menu and the other gets the connection issue message. (internet isn't great but should be good enough!) It seems that the first person to load up gets in and when I try to load at the exact same time, it picks at random.

    So I'm assuming that this problem is because we file shared. I've looked everywhere and no else seems to be having this issue. We can't even play warzone together(which is free) or use SharePlay through though a chat party because I'm stuck at the title menu! Is it cause we're on the same WiFi network or is it normal and you csnt play the same game at the same time?

    If anyone has heard of this before or hasn't but might have an idea on how to fix this. Aside from her buying the game, literally an info you got at this point would help. Thx

    User Info: Jprazinak

    Jprazinak - 1 year ago


  1. Sounds like you are both trying to play the game logged in to the same Activision account. It would make sense that the second person is being blocked.

    User Info: bigbadboff

    bigbadboff - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. It's definitely either an internet issue or a game issue, as I've gameshared with my best friend who lives on the other side of town with zero issues.

    User Info: dantrr

    dantrr - 1 year ago 0   2

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