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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Replekia

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Guide and Walkthrough by Replekia

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/25/2021


Making 999 Quality Items Early

This section does not assume that you have unlocked the ability to duplicate items, and can be done fairly early on.
I managed, with some grinding, to create quality 999 items this way before even unlocking the Hideout. I do recommend you wait until you can duplicate items before you go too crazy though, otherwise you'll waste a bunch of time.

We will start with making 999 quality Alchemy Fibers, Natural Cloth, and Zettel

What we will need:

  • Alchemy Level 30+
  • Scrap Paper, (Travel Bottle Code: X92D or outside Klaudia's House)
  • Cotton Grass, (Travel Bottle Code: YWAW or The Bushes on Main Road: Shipyard)
  • Red Supplement with at least 3 fire element
  • A quality boosting trait, preferably Quality++ or Quality+, though you can settle for Best Quality. Use filter in the container menu to search for what item has these traits. We want one that is a (Plant) or (Fuel) ideally, but if it is (Flower), (Seafood), or (Sand) you can toss it on a supplement.
  • The recipe for Zettel, which is received from Pat's first side quest in Old Town

The Steps:

  1. If you haven't already, craft those Red Supplements. If you can't get 3 fire element, you'll need to be at least Alchemy Level 40.
  2. Craft Alchemy Fibers. Fill in the center Cotton Grass and use a Scrap Paper on the (Fuel) Trait Loop that is immediately to the right Then add the item with the Quality boosting trait wherever is appropriate. Add whatever you can anywhere, so long as it increases the quality number on the right side of the screen. Finish the synthesis and make sure the quality trait is the first selected. This will make 3 Alchemy Fibers
  3. Craft a Natural Cloth by putting one Alchemy Fibers in the Center loop and the other 2 Alchemy Fibers in the Traits loop below. Finish the synthesis. Again, make sure to select the quality trait first. If you are unable to create a Natural Cloth with 3 wind element here, this isn't going to work without a lot of hassle in item rebuilding. Try again later or wait until you unlock duplication after the 2nd Dragon Boss.
  4. Use the 3 Natural Cloths to make Zettel. The goal is to get to the bottom and unlock the Effect 2 Loop. This will give us Synthesis Quantity +1, which is hugely important if you can't duplicate. Fill in the Traits loop only if the final Zettel will have higher quality by activating the trait.
  5. Synthesize Alchemy Fibers with a Cotton Grass and the 3 Zettel in the Traits loop to the right. This will create 6 Alchemy Fibers instead of the normal 3 thanks to the Synthesis Quantity +1 on the Zettel
  6. Synthesize Natural Cloth by putting 1 Alchemy Fibers in the starting loop, and 1 Alchemy Fibers in the Traits loop below. Execute the synthesis. This only used 2 of the 6 Alchemy Fibers, so repeat twice more so we have 9 natural cloths instead of only 3.
  7. Use 3 of the Natural cloth to make better Zettel, following step 4
  8. Synthesize Alchemy Fibers with a cotton grass, the 3 Zettel, and use any remaining additions to put the Natural Cloth in the (Plant) Loop.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 until you have quality 999 items and continue to repeat to build up a large supply of these items (not necessary if you've unlocked duplication)

From here, you'll be able to use your 999 items to make more. Here's just a starting few suggestions. The trick is to offset the effects of low quality additions by adding a lot of higher quality ones and then letting the trait take you to 999. You'll have to get a lot of effects in item rebuilding, though.

  • Use the Natural Cloth as a Plant to create Green Supplement, unlock the effects for adding (Stone) and (Lumber) in item reworking
  • Use the Green Supplements to create Honey
  • Use the Green Supplements and Honey to Create a Plant Seed, which will provide you with many 500-999 materials. The Honey can be used to create 999 quality for all 5 seed varieties which can help immensely with future syntheses.
  • If you are far enough along to have it unlocked, use the Supplement to create a Crystal Element. With all its effects unlocked it is one of the most useful materials there is.
  • Use the Zettel or Supplement to create the highest level ingot you have (Staltium, Criminea or Golterion) and make some nice weapons