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Indulgence Level: Crunchy
Slather Butter in 10 perfectly crunchy slices.
Indulgence Level: PERFECTLY CRISP
Slather Butter in 20 perfectly crunchy slices.
Just a Dash Like My Favorite Day
Send all balloons skyward.
Look Don't Touch
Appreciate the sunset.
Best In The West
Well ain't you quick on the draw! Complete Tumbleweed with less than 6 falls.
Honk If You Love Humans
Help Tina simulate human domestic rituals.
Down And Dirty
Sweep up 10 piles of dirt.
Jailbird (...Jailbee?)
Get caught backstage a dozen times.
Pips Out
Play ping pong with Chaz for a while.
Accumulate over 2000TB of data with your Polycleanup Tool.
That's Not Entirely Incompetent
Infiltrate the Archives.
Win a game of Tumball.
We Don't Usually Hire Murderers
Remove all cores from Activitude's central neural hub... Do uploaded consciousnesses count as people? Oops! You're a murderer!
Welcome to Activitude
Merge with Chaz and enjoy a shiny new eternity, as seen through a single green, unblinking eye. You've sneezed your last, my friend.
Thank You For Playing!
Complete endgame survey. Your input is appreciated.

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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