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by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


Velvet Room


  • Unlocked: First non-scripted infiltration of Castle Palace
  • Combines 2 personas into a new one that inherits some of the ingredients' skills
    • Normal x Normal: Result determined by ingredient arcana combo and average base level
    • Normal x Treasure Demon: Rank up or down normal ingredient based on current level
    • Treasure x Treasure: Same as normal x normal
  • Fusion accidents and alerts alter the results in different ways (Royal)
    • Normal: Result persona matches expected result, inherits chosen skills, and receives Arcana Burst
    • Accident: Result persona is random, inherits chosen skills, and does not receive an Arcana Burst
    • Fusion Alert: Result persona matches can inherit more chosen skills, receives a bigger Arcana Burst, and asks to mutate some of its skills
    • Fusion Alert Accident: Same as normal fusion accident
    • Fusion Alert Yellow Accident: Result persona is random, receives no Arcana Burst, and mutates all its skills to a predetermined trait and skillset
Heated BloodlineAgidyne, Maragidyne, Concentrate, Fire Break, Fire Boost, Fire Amp, Burn Boost, Absorb Fire
Frigid BloodlineBufudyne, Mabufudyne, Concentrate, Ice Break, Ice Boost, Ice Amp, Freeze Boost, Absorb Ice
Electric BloodlineZiodyne, Maziodyne, Concentrate, Elec Break, Elec Boost, Elec Amp, Shock Boost, Absorb Elec
Wind BloodlineGarudyne, Magarudyne, Concentrate, Wind Break, Wind Boost, Wind Amp, Attack Master, Absorb Wind
Psychic BloodlinePsiodyne, Mapsiodyne, Concentrate, Psy Break, Psy Boost, Psy Amp, Attack Master, Absorb Psy
Atomic BloodlineFreidyne, Mafreidyne, Concentrate, Nuke Break, Nuke Boost, Nuke Amp, Attack Master, Absorb Nuke
Blessed BloodlineKougaon, Makougaon, Concentrate, Mahamaon, Bless Boost, Bless Amp, Attack Master, Absorb Bless
Cursed BloodlineEigaon, Maeigaon, Concentrate, Mamudoon, Curse Boost, Curse Amp, Attack Master, Absorb Curse
Striking WeightMegaton Raid, Deadly Fury, Heat Wave, Deathbound, Charge, Nocturnal Flash, Attack Master, Arms Master
Striking WeightOne-shot Kill, Triple Down, Charge, Life Aid, Auto-Mataru, Trigger Happy, Gun Boost, Gun Amp
Savior BloodlineMediarama, Diarahan, Energy Shower, Me Patra, Mabaisudi, Samarecarm, Dekunda, Divine Grace
Gloomy ChildBloodbath, Evil Touch, Evil Smile, Ghastly Wail, Stagnant Air, Spirit Drain, Fear Boost, Ambient Aid
Foul StenchLullaby, Nocturnal Flash, Makajamaon, Wage War, Tentarafoo, Evil Smile, Brain Jack, Abysmal Surge
GluttonmouthLife Drain, Regenerate 1, Regenerate 2, Regenerate 3, Life Aid, Heat Up, Endure, Fortify Spirit
Mouth of SavoringSpirit Drain, Abysmal Surge, Invigorate 1, Invigorate 2, Invigorate 3, Life Aid, Heat Up, Despair Boost
-Fire Boost, Ice Boost, Elec Boost, Wind Boost, Nuke Boost, Psy Boost, Bless Boost, Curse Boost
-Fire Amp, Ice Amp, Elec Amp, Wind Amp, Nuke Amp, Psy Amp, Bless Amp, Curse Amp
Rare AntibodyEvade Fire, Evade Ice, Evade Elec, Evade Wind, Evade Nuke, Evade Psy, Evade Bless, Evade Curse
Pinch AnchorMiracle Punch, Rebellion, Revolution, Thermopylae, Swift Strike, Apt Pupil, Fortified Moxy, Adverse Resolve
Thermal ConductMaragion, Agidyne, Magarula, Garudyne, Stagnant Air, Fire Break, Burn Boost, Ambient Aid
Cold-BloodedMabufula, Bufudyne, Freila, Freidyne, Stagnant Air, Ice Break, Freeze Boost, Ambient Aid
Static ElectricityMazionga, Ziodyne, Freila, Freidyne, Stagnant Air, Elec Break, Shock Boost, Ambient Aid
Skillful TechniqueMapsio, Psiodyne, Mafreila, Freidyne, Lullaby, Tentarafoo, Ailment Boost, Ambient Aid
Deathly IllnessHamaon, Mudoon, Mahamaon, Mamudoon, Dekaja, Survival Trick, Hama Boost, Mudo Boost
Retaliating BodyOni Kagura, Taunt, Wage War, Tetrakarn, Makarakarn, High Counter, Rage Boost, Ambient Aid

Group Guillotine

  • Unlocked: Strength Rank 1
  • Combines 3 or more personas with a preset recipe into one
  • Personas with group recipes can only be made this way
  • Can never result in fusion accident


  • Unlocked: Strength Rank 3
  • Persona learns a new resistance skill
  • Skill element chosen from persona weaknesses
  • If all weaknesses have been covered a random ailment resistance will be chosen instead
  • Rank of skills scales off current persona level
    • Lv. 1-25: Dodge X
    • Lv. 26-33: Evade X
    • Lv. 34-52: Resist X
    • Lv. 53-62: Null X
    • Lv. 63-74: Repel X
    • Lv. 75-99: Drain X
  • Adding incense grants bonus stats when lockdown ends (Royal)
  • You can obtain incense from Kichijoji or Jose (Royal)
  • Fusion Alert: Increases stat gains from incense (Royal)

Persona Traits (Royal)

  • Unlocked: After entering Museum Palace
  • All personas gain a 9th skill slot that holds inherent traits that affect your own skills
  • Party members also gain a unique trait that can activate for the rest of the party
  • Party member traits will upgrade during third awakening
  • During guillotine fusion the result persona trait can be chosen from one of the ingredients or the result's default trait
  • Treasure Demons add 3 traits to fusion pool
  • Traits cannot be altered after guillotine fusion
  • All traits are inheritable except DLC persona traits
  • Traits that are triggered by charging, countering, and Baton Pass will activate every time
  • All other damage-raising, cost-reduction, and party member traits will activate at random

Electric Chair

  • Unlocked: After securing treasure route in Museum Palace
  • Combines persona with the corresponding black item to produce a set weapon, armor, accessory, or skill card
  • No limit on number of itemizations per day (Royal)
  • Fusion alert alerts the results in different ways (Royal)
    • Normal: Sacrificed persona creates the expected item
    • Fusion Alert: Sacrificed persona creates a stronger version of the expected item
    • Fusion Alert Accident: Sacrificed persona creates a random item
      • Below Lv. 35: Megido, Divine Grace, Attract Ring, Megido Ring, Lucky Punch Belt, or X Incense
      • Lv. 36 to Lv. 55: Heat Up, Ailment Boost, Mudoon Ring, Megidola Ring, Miracle Punch Belt, or X Ryusen Incense
      • Above Lv. 56: Life Aid, Fortify Spirit, Amrita Shower, Angelic Grace, Deadly Fury Belt, or X Nirvana Incense
    • Fusion Alert Yellow Accident: Sacrificed persona creates a random skill card based on current resistances
      • Resist X for X immunities (Excluding Gun and Alm)
      • Dodge X or Evade X for X weaknesses (Excluding Gun and Alm)
      • X Boost or X Amp for all but X weaknesses (Excluding Phys and Alm)

Fusion Alert (Royal)

  • Unlocked: After securing treasure route in Bank Palace
  • After a battle the Velvet Room may enter a fusion alert state
  • When this happens you see a red door pop up after the results screen
  • During a Fusion Alert rules for all fusion types are dramatically altered along with a higher chance of fusion accidents
  • Result personas from alerts are highlighted in yellow and can be reused as ingredients to trigger yellow accidents
  • All fusion types can result in fusion accidents with unique effects
  • The fusion alert ends when you get a fusion accident
  • The second fusion using the same facility during an alert is also guaranteed to be an accident
  • Talk to Justine to end the alert early
  • The Fortune Rank 8 ability can raise the chances of Fusion Alert occurring


  • Unlocked: After securing treasure route in Pyramid Palace
  • Sacrifice a persona to strengthen another one. The same persona can only be strengthened once per in-game day
  • Can bypass 1-day rule by saving result to compendium, deleting it from your current stock, then resummoning it
  • Fusion Alert alters the results in different ways (Royal)
    • Normal: Sacrificed persona gives an EXP boost that scales with its level and passes on one of its skills
    • Fusion Alert: Increases EXP boost and passes on two skills
    • Fusion Alert Accident: +5 bonus stats but no EXP boost or bonus skills and bypasses 1-day rule
    • Fusion Alert Yellow Accident: +10 bonus stats but no EXP boost or bonus skills and bypasses 1-day rule

Network Fusion

  • Unlocked: After securing treasure route in Spaceport Palace
  • Same as normal fusion except only 1 ingredient from your side is required
  • Can only be done once per in-game day
  • Sometimes the result persona comes back with an exclusive skill
    • Almighty Boost
    • Almighty Amp
    • Magic Ability
    • Soul Chain