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by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


Thieves Den Awards

Acquiring Awards

  • Like trophies, awards are not tied to any save file
  • Furthermore, awards carry their own progress counters that do not reset after reloading. This makes it possible to use save-reloading to unlock almost all rewards
  • For example, you can unlock "Golden Finger" without wasting in-game time on the final save
    1. Save in Leblanc
    2. Finishing all levels of one retro game
    3. Confirm counter in Thieves Den went up
    4. Reload your save
    5. Repeat steps 2-4 with different retro games
    6. Continue until "Golden Finger" drops
  • This makes it entirely possible to unlock "Beloved Phantom Thief" without having to romance multiple confidants on the same save file
    1. Save when reaching the romance decision point
    2. Take the romance route and reach Rank 10
    3. Confirm counter in Thieves Den went up
    4. Reload your save
    5. Continue down friendship route
  • If you collect all awards you can speak to Jose in the Thieves Den for a letter that makes compendium summons free and an accessory that prevents enemies from seeing you

School Life

  • Supersize My Stomach (30P): Clear the highest rank of the Big Bang Challenge.
  • Golden Fingers (70P): Complete all 7 retro video games.
  • Word Wizard (35P): Solve 15 Leblanc crosswords.
  • Home Run King (60P): Hit 30 home runs at batting center. Visit at night to unlock infinite pitches mode.
  • Honorary Bather of Yongen (35P): Visit the Yongen-Jaya bathhouse 15 times.
  • Secondhand Salesman (35P): Earn 1,000 points selling armor to the Kichijoji used clothes store.
  • Working Student (35P): Work part-time jobs 15 times.
  • The Second Boss of Leblanc (35P): Create the best coffee and curry Leblanc has to offer. Requires Hierophant Rank 10.
  • Legend of the Dragon Fist (50P): Max out your training in the Shibuya gym. Requires 16 visits.
  • World-Class Launderer (35P): Wash 10 different types (not just 10 pieces) of dirty clothing at the Yongen-Jaya laundromat.
  • A Master Loves His Maids (35P): Visit the Akihabara maid cafe 4 times.
  • Angler (50P): Earn 100,000 points fishing at the Ichigaya fish pond.
  • Bookworm (50P): Finish reading 40 different books (around 50 total).
  • ARCADE Addict (35P): Win the Akihabara crane game 5 times.


  • Phantom Thief Grand Union (50P): Max out all 23 confidants.
  • Ladies' Man (60P): See the rank 10 event for all 10 romanceable confidants on the romance route.
  • We Stand As Equals (60P): See the rank 10 event for all 10 romanceable confidants on the friendship route.
  • Benefactor (50P): Give 10 gifts to any confidant.
  • Devotion to the Arts (35P): Have Yusuke paint 10 skill cards.
  • Spirited Dartsman (35P): Play darts at Kichijoji 10 times.
  • Jazz Cat (35P): Visit Kichijoji jazz club 7 times.
  • Pool Shark Pup (35P): Play billiards at Kichijoji 5 times.
  • Sick With Spending (35P): Spend 500,000 yen at the Yongen-Jaya clinic.
  • Military Millionaire (35P): Spend 1,000,000 yen at the Shibuya airsoft shop.
  • Custom Gunman (35P): Customize 20 different guns at the Shibuya airsoft shop.
  • Catcher in the Roof Garden (35P): Harvest vegetables 5 times from the school rooftop.


  • Exemplary Teamwork (35P): Perform 50 All-out Attacks.
  • Negotiator (35P): Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation.
  • Lethal Gunman (50P): Perform Down Shot 30 times. Note Joker maxes out at 3 Down Shots per Metaverse visit from Tower Rank 6.
  • The Shadow Diplomat (35P): Negotiate 100 times.
  • Crack Shot (50P): Defeat 100 enemies using bullets.
  • The Phantom Bombers (50P): Defeat 100 enemies using Disaster Demon explosions.
  • Master Technician (50P): Deal Technical damage 100 times during battle.
  • Ultimate Attack (50P): Deal 9,999 or more damage to an enemy during a single attack.
  • Lucky Star (30P): Encounter Treasure Demons 30 times.
  • The True Reaper (70P): Defeat the Reaper 5 times.
  • Senpai in Life (50P): Defeat Jose. Available in third semester.
  • Future Rehabilitation (60P): Defeat the twins. Available in New Game+ Mementos.
  • True Rehabilitation (70P): Defeat aznevaL. Available in New Game+ third semester.


  • Mission Complete (70P): Complete all 33 Mementos requests.
  • Mask Collector (70P): Complete the Persona Compendium. DLC personas do not count.
  • A Sublime Mask (50P): Raise one of Joker's personas to level 99. Best done through repeated normal gallows.
  • All Powerful (50P): Raise all stats of one of Joker's personas to 99. Best done through repeated gallows accidents during Fusion Alert.
  • Professional Killer (35P): Ambush the enemy with the grappling hook 30 times.
  • In Shadows Unseen (30P): Ambush the enemy 50 times.
  • The Bold Executioner (50P): Perform 20 fusions during a Fusion Alert.
  • Electric Chair Fanatic (30P): Obtain 10 different items through the Electric Chair.
  • Flowers for a Certain Boy (35P): Obtain 1,000 flowers from Mementos.
  • Stamp by Me (60P): Obtain 150 stamps from Mementos (Around 165 total). Can obtain early on by save-reloading stamp on a Safe Room platform.
  • Lockpicking Expert (50P): Obtain treasure from 40 locked chests. Can obtain early on by save-reloading locked chest in front of Safe Room in Castle Palace.
  • A Thief at Heart (30P): Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.
  • Disappearing Act (35P): Use a Smokescreen or Hypno Mist to escape after being noticed by the enemy 5 times.

Mask Collector Award

  • Play third semester to unlock Research Lab Palace exclusives
  • Max all confidants and fuse the strongest persona for each arcana
  • Unlock Black Frost and Bugs from Mementos requests
  • Need New Game+ to fuse Joker's ultimate persona
  • Recruit all non-fusable Treasure Demons
    • Regent: Museum Palace, Path of Qimranut, and Path of Aiyatsbus
    • Queen's Necklace: Bank Palace and Path of Chemdah
    • Stone of Scone: Pyramid Palace and Path of Kaitul
    • Koh-i-Noor: Spaceport Palace and Path of Akzeriyyuth
    • Orlov: Casino Palace and Path of Adyeshach
    • Emperor's Amulet: Cruiser Palace and Path of Adyeshach
    • Hope Diamond: Depths of Mementos and Path of Da'at
    • Crystal Scope: Qliphoth World and Path of Da'at
    • Orichalcum: Research Lab Palace