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Close X Walkthrough
by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020


Palace Tips

Efficient Leveling

  • Look for enemies weak to Gun and spam your normal gun attack for knock downs since ammo replenishes fully after every battle
  • Use ailments and Phys skills with ailment effects to buy time in random encounters if they deal a lot of damage and follow up with Technicals
  • Avoid challenging flaming shadows until you are close to securing the Treasure Route to ensure you have enough SP and level gains
  • The 3rd Will Seed in every palace in guarded by a mini-boss with a short skill cycle you can exploit
  • Specific Treasure Demons are a lot easier to find in their source palace with a Treasure Trap rather than crawling Mementos to catch them later on
  • At Lv. 18 you can fuse Shiki-Ouji which nulls Phys, Gun, Bless, and Curse, which you can use to solo rush some otherwise troublesome encounters later on
  • Death Rank 7 sells Invigorate 3 accessories for Y50,000 each allowing you to be much more generous with SP afterwards
  • Near late game the fastest way to gain levels, money, and items is to use Chariot Rank 7 combined with Jose's Mementos changes to continuously ambush and instant kill enemies
  • In late game level your Technical rank to 5 so you get guaranteed knockdowns even against the random encounters without weaknesses

Castle Palace

  • If you want the "Expert Lockpicker" award early on you can save-reload the locked chest in front of the Safe Room
  • Get the timing right on the rooftop flaming shadow patrol to avoid futile encounters
  • Angel spawns near the end are weak to Gun

Mementos Palace

  • Time your visits so you can clear a bunch of requests at once while still advancing your confidants
  • Make it all the way to the next locked stairs before returning

Museum Palace

  • Equip the Atomic Ring so you can knock down Regent in the scripted Treasure Demon encounter
  • The Will Seed mini-boss follows up Flash Bomb and Brain Jack with Psi attacks aiming for Technical damage
  • Exploit the obvious weaknesses during phase 2 of the boss fight to Baton Pass chain ending with Joker for maximum damage

Bank Palace

  • The backups in phase 2 of the boss fight will protect him whenever possible but are also vulnerable to ailments
    • Spam Dormin Rush and Lullaby to prevent them from covering the boss
    • Follow up with Technical damage to quickly finish the battle

Pyramid Palace

  • Farm Anzu spawns near the beginning for Aluminum Sheets
    • You need 20 for the Eternal Lockpick
    • Anzu is weak to Gun
  • The flaming shadows only know Bless and Curse attacks, easily countered with Shiki-Ouji
  • If you get Attack Mirrors or Tetrakarn on the entire party before the boss drops you can counter with massive damage since Phys is extra effective against her

Space Port Palace

  • Farm Decarabia spawns near the beginning for Liquid Mercury
    • You need 10 for the Eternal Lockpick
    • Decarabia is weak to Phys
  • Mothman spawns near the middle are weak to Gun
  • Arahabaki and Girimehkala repel Phys and Gun
  • The Will Seed mini-boss only knows Phys and Bless attacks, easily countered with Shiki-Ouji
  • The boss starts with waves of 4 robo enemies each that will restart will full health if not defeated in 2 rounds
    • Need to maximize damage output to efficiently clear waves
    • Prepare a spread of single-target attack items for every element
    • Fuse a spread of personas with all-target element spells and boosts and a Concentrate buffer for Joker
    • During a wave Joker leads with Concentrate, rest of party knocks down a single robo with an element item to maximize Baton Pass chain, and Joker finishes with 2 casts of a max-buffed zero-cost all-target spell exploiting current wave weakness

Casino Palace

  • You can hold Third Eye down the entire time to see enemies in darkness
  • The mini-boss rush telegraphs their attack moves so you can counter in time with the right persona resistances

Cruiser Palace

  • The cleaner mini-boss only knows Phys and Curse attacks, easily countered with Shiki-Ouji

Depths of Mementos

  • Your best chance to encounter Hope Diamond is to save at the first Safe Room and reload the outside encounter until Hope Diamond appears

Qliphoth World

  • Your best chance to encounter Crystal Skull is to reload for a Mara encounters where one of the Slimes is replaced with a Crystal Skull

Research Lab Palace

  • The flaming shadows repel Phys and Gun and have no weaknesses, meaning Technical attacks are your only way of reliably knocking them down