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Close X Walkthrough
by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020




  • Requests unlock additional mini-bosses that can be defeated in Mementos
  • Most requests unlock through reading your phone messages and receiving a target name
  • Your phone holds only the 50 latest messages, meaning you can be permanently locked out of a request if you fail to read it
  • Some requests lack a target name and require additional steps to ID them
  • Requests unlocked by confidant progress except Moon must be completed before proceeding to the next rank
  • Because some targets are vulnerable to Confusion and bosses cannot run away, you can get them to throw away up to Y200,000 per turn with a 99 Lu persona
  • 2 requests can only be ended through successful negotiation (Royal)
Beware the Clingy Ex-boyfriend5/7Qimranut 1DYesAttachment PearlTutorial mission
The Bark and Bite of a Bully5/9Aiyatsbus 2DYesProtein-
An Elderly's Meaning of Life (Royal)6/5, ID in Kichijoji alleys during eveningAiyatsbus 3DNoNuisance Belt (Ambient Aid)During rainy day gains additional weaknesses and cannot act every other turn
One Who Bullies BulliesMoon Rank 3, "The Bark and Bite of a Bully" completed, ID near Shujin gates during school dayAiyatsbus 5DNoEvil Snow CrystalUnlocks Black Frost
If Cats Disappeared from the City (Royal)Day after clearing Museum Palace, ID in Yongen-Jaya streets during dayAiyatsbus 6DNoCat BroochEnds by negotiating
Sadism Is Just a Sign of Love6/6Aiyatsbus 7DNoWhip Sword-
Part-time Job, Full-time HellMoon Rank 4Chemdah 1CYesChinese Sweets-
Bad MedicineDeath Rank 7.1Chemdah 2CYesMediarama-
Ending the Boyfriend's AbuseFortune Rank 0.3Chemdah 3CYesSleep Stick-
Phantom Thieves VS Burglary Ring6/18Chemdah 4DYesOld Key-
A Teacher Maid to SufferTemperance Rank 8.1Chemdah 7COnly OberonEnvy Chain-
The Lovesick Cyberstalking Girl7/10Chemdah 8CNoSticky HairballUnlocks Bugs
Calling for Justice for Cats3 days after clearing Pyramid Palace or 8/4, ID during 3rd shift at convenience storeKaitul 1CNoBlood Scimitar-
Debunking the Psychic!Fortune Rank 7.1Kaitul 3CNoProphet's Hand-
Shady Deal in the ShadowsHanged Rank 7.1Kaitul 4CNoWeird Wrap-
Who's Been Assaulting People?2 days after clearing Pyramid Palace or 8/3, ID during 3rd shift at flower shopKaitul 5CYesCharge-
We Aren't Just Your SlavesDay after clearing Pyramid Palace or 8/2, ID during 2nd shift at Bar CrossroadsKaitul 8CNoTheme Park Escort-
Fighting for Truth of JournalismDevil Rank 7.1Kaitul 9CNoInvigorate 3-
Who's Muscling in Yongen-Jaya?8/29Kaitul 10CYesShitamachi RebornUnlocks Yongen-Jaya Theater
Man of Many Faces and DebtsMoon Rank 8Akzeriyyuth 3BYesThermopylae-
Winners Don't Use Cheats9/4, ID at Shibuya arcade during dayAkzeriyyuth 5BNoNull PhysNeed to attempt once to unlock Tower Rank 1, ends by Down Shot
The Money-grubbing UncleHierophant Rank 8Adyeshach 0BYesVenture SaberSolo mission that occurs during Hierophant Rank 8.1
Upstaging the Stage MotherStar Rank 7.1Akzeriyyuth 6BNoBead Chain-
The Killer Who Cleans Up Trash10/14Akzeriyyuth 12BNoHigh Counter-
Daughter's Just a Meal TicketHermit Rank 7Adyeshach 3AYesGrowth 3-
A Mother's AggressionTower Rank 8Adyeshach 11ANoSoma-
Swindling Old Folk is Pretty Low11/25Adyeshach 13AYesHaten Robe-
Lady-Killer's Ballad (Royal)12/10Sheriruth 8ANoAgitation CrownCan instantly Brainwash female party members
The Head Honcho in ShowbizDay after clearing Cruiser Palace or 12/3Sheriruth 14ANoImmortal Vest-
A Small Cry for Help (Royal)1/13Da'at 3SNoSpiral Hell Ring - Mamudoon-
O My Young Sister, I Cry For You (Royal)1/14Da'at 7SNoStrength UP Ofuda x8-
An Idol and a Unicorn (Royal)2 days after securing Treasure Route in Research Lab Palace, ID near Akihabara tool shop during dayDa'at 13SNoOne-shot KillEnds by negotiation, afterwards speak to idol to receive exclusive song
Fake-Man Show (Royal)Day after securing Treasure Route in Research Lab Palace, ID in Kichijoji shopping street during dayDa'at 15SNoEccentric Belt - Ailment Boost-

Jose (Royal)

General Notes
  • Jose may randomly appear when you change floors in Mementos
  • You can quicken the process by alternating between two floors until he appears
Flower Trading
  • Flowers collected driving in Mementos can be traded with Jose for items
  • The flower counter resets when you leave Mementos
ItemFlowersEffectDaily LimitAvailability
Blank Card15---
Dizzy Vial S30High chance of Dizzy to one--
Dizzy Vial L40Medium chance of Dizzy to all--
Sleep Vial S30High chance of Sleep to one--
Sleep Vial L40Medium chance of Sleep to all--
Forget Vial S30High chance of Forget to one--
Forget Vial L40Medium chance of Forget to all--
Confusion Vial S65High chance of Confusion to one--
Confusion Vial L70Medium chance of Confusion to all--
Fear Vial S65High chance of Fear to one--
Fear Vial L70Medium chance of Fear to all--
Brainwash Vial S70High chance of Brainwash to one--
Brainwash Vial L90Medium chance of Brainwash to all--
Despair Vial S100High chance of Despair to one--
Soul Drop15-5Until 6/4
Snuff Soul75-2Until 8/20
Stamina Kit S80Recover 20% SP for all in Safe Room2Until 8/20
Incense ST80-16/6-10/16
Incense MA80-16/6-10/16
Incense EN80-16/6-10/16
Incense AG80-16/6-10/16
Incense LU80-16/6-10/16
Black Kogatana30-16/6
Model Gun30-16/6
Black Robe30-16/6
Black Rock30-16/6
Chewing Soul170-19/2
Stamina Kit L210Recover 40% SP for all in Safe Room19/2
Rasetsu Ofuda70-59/2
Kongou Ofuda70-59/2
Idaten Ofuda70-59/2
Nirvana ST80-110/30
Nirvana MA80-110/30
Nirvana EN80-110/30
Nirvana AG80-110/30
Nirvana LU80-110/30
Soul Food450100% SP111/25
Will Seed400Only if missed after palace collapse--
Stamp Trading
  • Stamps found in Mementos can be traded with Jose to boost Mementos effects
  • There is one stamp at the stairs down of every floor in Mementos that can only be turned once
  • The rest of the stamps per path will randomly spawn behind breakable walls on any floor
  • Effects increase by +10% or +1 per step up to +100% or +10
  • Battle EXP and Money still activate with Chariot Rank 7 instant-kill
  • Money boosts do not affect money thrown away because of Confusion during battle
  • Items collected only affects search items and not battle drops
Battle EXP +10%55779910101112
Battle Money +10%3445566777
Items collected from search +11223344555
Will Seed Upgrades
  • After a palace collapses if all three Will Seeds are found they can be shown to Jose
  • Jose will upgrade the accessory from a crystal to a ring with additional effects
  • If any Will Seeds are missed Jose can sell them from 400 flowers each