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Close X Walkthrough
by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020 | Highest Rated Guide



Melee Weapons

JokerArsene's Cane13092Rare chance of Random AilmentArsene
JokerGreat Thief Stick15092Low chance of Random AilmentArsene (A)
JokerParadise Lost32592Greatly reduces Curse damageSatanael
JokerParadise Lost R34098Greatly reduces Curse damageSatanael (A)
RyujiRuyi Jingu Bang27088Attack MasterHanuman
RyujiFine Ruyi Jingu Bang29088Attack MasterHanuman (A)
RyujiMjolnir28088Elec BoostThor
RyujiImprisoned Mjolnir32488Elec BoostThor (A)
MorganaHeadhunter Ladle15090Low critical ratePisaca
MorganaHeadhunter Ladle EX15090Medium critical ratePisaca (A)
MorganaClaiomh Solais31590SP +50Mother Harlot
MorganaClaiomh Solais R33090SP +50Mother Harlot (A)
AnnMasquerade Ribbon24088Low chance of DizzyQueen Mab
AnnMasquerade Ribbon R25088Medium chance of DizzyQueen Mab (A)
AnnSnow Queen's Whip26090Speed MasterSkadi
AnnSnow Queen's Whip R28090Speed MasterSkadi (A)
AnnNaraka Whip28090High chance of FreezeBlack Frost
AnnDainaraka Whip32090High chance of FreezeBlack Frost (A)
YusukeSenryou Yakusha13090St +5Ame-no-Uzume
YusukeSenryou Yakusha R14090St +6Ame-no-Uzume (A)
YusukeUsumidori32488High chance of FearYoshitsune
YusukeUsumidori R34088High chance of FearYoshitsune (A)
MakotoBear Gloves24090Critical rate upBugs
MakotoBig Bear Gloves26090Critical rate upBugs (A)
MakotoVajra30590High chance of Random AilmentAsura-Ou
MakotoUnparalleled Vajra32590High chance of Random AilmentAsura-Ou (A)
MakotoSabazios31590Critical rate upCybele
MakotoGordios33095Critical rate upCybele (A)
HaruDeath Contract19080Low chance of DespairMithra
HaruDeath Promise20080Medium chance of DespairMithra (A)
HaruFleurs du Mal32586High chance of DizzyBeelzebub
HaruFleurs du Mal R34586High chance of DizzyBeelzebub (A)
AkechiHinokagutsuchi35090Medium chance of BurnFutsunushi
AkechiHinokagutsuchi II36090High chance of BurnFutsunushi (A)
KasumiSword of Sinai34595Medium chance of DizzySandalphon
KasumiSword of Sinai II36595High chance of DizzySandalphon (A)

Ranged Weapons

JokerNataraja330858All stats +5Metatron
JokerNataraja EX350858All Stats +6Metatron (A)
JokerTyrant Pistol350858Ma +10Lucifer
JokerTyrant Pistol EX370858Ma +15Lucifer (A)
RyujiPumpkin Bomb150853Medium chance of BurnJack-o'-Lantern
RyujiPumpkin Buster160853High chance of BurnJack-o'-Lantern (A)
RyujiMegido Fire350853Medium chance of BurnShiva
RyujiMegido Blaster380853High chance of BurnShiva (A)
MorganaCatnap150905Medium chance of SleepNeko Shogun
MorganaCat Buster170905Medium chance of SleepNeko Shogun (A)
MorganaSudarshana315905Medium chance of DizzyVishnu
MorganaSudarshana EX330905High chance of DizzyVishnu (A)
AnnBrain Shot1209012Low chance of BrainwashSuccubus
AnnPink Buster1359012Medium chance of BrainwashSuccubus (A)
AnnWild Hunt3209012Medium chance of DespairOdin
AnnGungnir3409012Medium chance of DespairOdin (A)
YusukeKuzuryu Gouhou3007510St +5Vasuki
YusukeKuzuryu Gouhou EX3207510St +7Vasuki (A)
YusukeHeaven's Gate3307510Ag +10Uriel
YusukeProvidence3507510Ag +13Uriel (A)
MakotoMirrirmina220756Ma +5Yurlungur
MakotoMirrirmina EX235756Ma +7Yurlungur (A)
MakotoJudge of Hell340756All Stats +10Michael
MakotoJudge of Hell R360756All Stats +11Michael (A)
HaruPawzooka200701Medium chance of ConfusionNekomata
HaruPaw-omber220701Medium chance of ConfusionNekomata (A)
HaruYagrush345701Medium chance of ShockBaal
HaruYagrush EX360701High chance of ShockBaal (A)
AkechiDoomsday330855All stats +5Vohu Manah
AkechiAncient Day350855All Stats +6Vohu Manah (A)
KasumiSahasrara3209010All stats +5Ardha
KasumiSahasrara EX3459010All Stats +6Ardha (A)


UnisexBlack Wing Robe25020Moderately reduces Nuke damageYatagarasu
UnisexBlack Wing Robe R27020Greatly reduces Nuke damageYatagarasu (A)
UnisexKing Frost Cape26016Greatly reduces Ice damageKing Frost
UnisexKing Frost Cape R28016Greatly reduces Ice damageKing Frost (A)
UnisexLucifer Guard30510Greatly reduces Magic damageMessiah
UnisexLucifer Guard R33010Greatly reduces Magic damageMessiah (A)
UnisexOld Succubus Pajamas5715Resist SleepSooty Ghastly Gear (Incubus)
UnisexSuccubus Pajamas6815Null SleepSooty Ghastly Gear (Incubus)
MalesBlood Red Capote12020Ag +3Matador
MalesBlood Bloodied Capote13020Ag +6Matador (A)
MalesFairy Knight Armor17015Ma +4Tam Lin
MalesFairy Knight Armor R18015Ma +7Tam Lin (A)
MalesBlack Jacket21015Null CurseHell Biker
MalesDark Jacket22518Null CurseHell Biker (A)
MalesOfficial's Robe28015Greatly raise evasion against Curse attacksOkuninushi
MalesOfficial's Robe R29520Greatly raise evasion against Curse attacksOkuninushi (A)
MalesTantric Oath32518Greatly reduces Magic damageSatan
MalesTantric Oath R35018Greatly reduces Magic damageSatan (A)
MalesOld Duke's Coat646HP +10Sooty Heavy Armor (Berith)
MalesDuke's Coat756HP +30Sooty Heavy Armor (Berith)
MalesOld Shikigami Dress947Slightly reduces Phys damageSooty Yorishiro (Shiki-Ouji)
MalesShikigami Dress1107Moderately reduces Phys damageSooty Yorishiro (Shiki-Ouji)
MalesOld Dishonored Haori1188En +1Sooty Man's Armor (Take-Minakata)
MalesDishonored Haori1408En +5Sooty Man's Armor (Take-Minakata)
MalesOld Royal Holy Shoud14610SP +10Sooty Wolf's Coat (Anubis)
MalesRoyal Holy Shoud17110SP +30Sooty Wolf's Coat (Anubis)
MalesOld Ghillie Vest17411Low chance of Repel PhysSooty Black Armor (Girimehkala)
MalesGhillie Vest20511Medium chance of Repel PhysSooty Black Armor (Girimehkala)
MalesOld Leopard Print Vest20612St +1Sooty Spotted Fur (Ose)
MalesLeopard Print Vest24312St +6Sooty Spotted Fur (Ose)
MalesOld Primate Vest24014Ag +1Sooty Monkey Fur (Hanuman)
MalesPrimate Vest28214Ag +6Sooty Monkey Fur (Hanuman)
MalesOld Lucky Underwear31615HP +10Sooty Bolt Armor (Thor)
MalesLucky Underwear33015HP +50Sooty Bolt Armor (Thor)
MalesOld Death's Black Tights32615Ma +1Sooty Dancer's Garb (Macabre)
MalesDeath's Black Tights34515Ma +8Sooty Dancer's Garb (Macabre)
FemalesMoonlight Robe5030High chance of Repel PhysKaguya
FemalesMoonlight Robe R7030High chance of Repel PhysKaguya (A)
FemalesSilk Dress9510Low chance of Evade MagicSilky
FemalesFine Silk Dress10014Medium chance of Evade MagicSilky (A)
FemalesHeavensent Dress10514Ma +4Phoenix
FemalesHeavensent Dress R11014Ma +6Phoenix (A)
FemalesTapsuan17012Evade WindArahabaki
FemalesFine Tapsuan19515Evade WindArahabaki (A)
FemalesLucky Robe21018Lu +5Fortuna
FemalesLucky Robe R22018Lu +10Fortuna (A)
FemalesArchangel Bra30018Greatly reduces Elec damageSraosha
FemalesHigh Archangel Bra32520Greatly reduces Elec damageSraosha (A)
FemalesOld Angels' Cape6011Low chance of Evade MagicSooty Ladies' Armor (Angel)
FemalesAngels' Cape7111Medium chance of Evade MagicSooty Ladies' Armor (Angel)
FemalesOld Fairy Cheongsam8812Ag +1Sooty Cheongsam (Hua Po)
FemalesFairy Cheongsam10412Ag +3Sooty Cheongsam (Hua Po)
FemalesOld Fiery Apron11113HP +10Sooty Ogress' Gear (Yaksini)
FemalesFiery Apron13213HP +30Sooty Ogress' Gear (Yaksini)
FemalesOld Arcane Robe13715SP +10Sooty Divine Armor (Isis)
FemalesArcane Robe16115SP +30Sooty Divine Armor (Isis)
FemalesOld Lil Devil Undershirt16416Resist BrainwashSooty Astro Armor (Lilim)
FemalesLil Devil Undershirt19316Null BrainwashSooty Astro Armor (Lilim)
FemalesOld Divine Black Tights19417En +1Sooty Grifter's Garb (Skadi)
FemalesDivine Black Tights22817En +6Sooty Grifter's Garb (Skadi)
FemalesOld Khamrai Tao22619Slightly reduces Fire damageSooty Regalia (Kali)
FemalesKhamrai Tao26519Greatly reduces Fire damageSooty Regalia (Kali)
FemalesOld Sinful Bikini29820SP +10Sooty Rogue's Garb (Lilith)
FemalesSinful Bikini31120SP +50Sooty Rogue's Garb (Lilith)
FemalesOld Lovely Witch's Robe30720Ma +1Sooty Dark Armor (Scathach)
FemalesLovely Witch's Robe32420Ma +8Sooty Dark Armor (Scathach)
MorganaFrost Hood11020SP +20Jack Frost
MorganaFrost Ace Hood12020SP +40Jack Frost (A)
MorganaOld Cat Collar5914Ma +1Sooty Boots (Cait Sith)
MorganaCat Collar7014Ma +3Sooty Boots (Cait Sith)
MorganaOld Mythical Scarf8615Ag +1Sooty Elder's Armor (Koropokkuru)
MorganaMythical Scarf10215Ag +3Sooty Elder's Armor (Koropokkuru)
MorganaOld Nekomata Coat10916Medium chance of Evade PsySooty Cat's Armor (Nekomata)
MorganaNekomata Coat12916High chance of Evade PsySooty Cat's Armor (Nekomata)
MorganaOld Snakeskin Scarf13418En +1Sooty Snakeskin (Naga)
MorganaSnakeskin Scarf15818En +5Sooty Snakeskin (Naga)
MorganaOld Shocking Scarf16119Slightly reduces Elec damageSooty Feather Coat (Thunderbird)
MorganaShocking Scarf18919Moderately reduces Elec damageSooty Feather Coat (Thunderbird)
MorganaOld Pure Collar19020Lu +1Sooty Horn (Unicorn)
MorganaPure Collar22420Lu +6Sooty Horn (Unicorn)
MorganaOld Wild Lion Scarf22122Low chance of Evade PhysSooty Lion's Mane (Barong)
MorganaWild Lion Scarf25922Medium chance of Evade PhysSooty Lion's Mane (Barong)
MorganaOld Bottomless Scarf29123HP +10Sooty Gilded Collar (Abaddon)
MorganaBottomless Scarf30523HP +50Sooty Gilded Collar (Abaddon)
MorganaOld Scale Scarf30123Slightly reduces Phys damageSooty Scale Armor (Fafnir)
MorganaScale Scarf31823Greatly reduces Phys damageSooty Scale Armor (Fafnir)

Stat Accessories

RegentSt +3, Attack MasterRegent
Regent RSt +5, Attack MasterRegent (A)
Queen's NecklaceAll Stats +1, Mana BonusQueen's Necklace
Queen's Necklace RAll Stats +2, Mana BonusQueen's Necklace (A)
Stone of SconeEn +3, Dodge PhysStone of Scone
Stone of Scone REn +5, Dodge PhysStone of Scone (A)
Koh-i-NoorAll Stats +2, Bless AmpKoh-i-Noor
Koh-i-Noor RAll Stats +3, Bless AmpKoh-i-Noor (A)
OrlovEn +3, High CounterOrlov
Orlov REn +5, High CounterOrlov (A)
Emperor's AmuletEn +5, Auto-MataruEmperor's Amulet
Emperor's Amulet REn +8, Auto-MataruEmperor's Amulet (A)
Hope DiamondAll Stats +3, Regenerate 3Hope Diamond
Hope Diamond RAll Stats +4, Regenerate 3Hope Diamond (A)
Crystal SkullAll stats +5, Angelic GraceCrystal Skull
Crystal Skull RAll stats +6, Angelic GraceCrystal Skull (A)
OrichalcumAll Stats +6, Evade PhysOrichalcum
Orichalcum RAll Stats +7, Evade PhysOrichalcum (A)
Phantom HatAll Stats +2, Insta-HealRaoul
Trickster HatAll Stats +3, Insta-HealRaoul (A)
Hades HarpAg +5, Null BrainwashOrpheus
Hades Harp RAg +8, Null BrainwashOrpheus (A)
White HeadbandEn +5, Life SurgeIzanagi
White Headband REn +8, Life SurgeIzanagi (A)
Graceful HarpMa +5, Null BrainwashOrpheus F
Graceful Harp RMa +8, Null BrainwashOrpheus F (A)
KugelbeinEn +5, Auto-MarukuAthena
Kugelbein REn +8, Auto-MarukuAthena (A)
Blazing HornsEn +10, Fire AmpAsterius
Blazing Horns REn +13, Fire AmpAsterius (A)
Red StringLu +10, Attack MasterAriadne
Red String RLu +13, Attack MasterAriadne (A)
Darkness RingMa +5, Evade CurseThanatos
Darkness Ring RMa +8, Evade CurseThanatos (A)
Black HeadbandSt +5, Mana SurgeMagatsu-Izanagi
Black Headband RSt +8, Mana SurgeMagatsu-Izanagi (A)
Black MoonSt +5, Apt PupilTsukiyomi
Black Moon RSt +8, Apt PupilTsukiyomi (A)
Bright HeadbandAll Stats +2, Invigorate 3Izanagi-no-Okami
Bright Headband RAll Stats +3, Invigorate 3Izanagi-no-Okami (A)

Skill Accessories

Giant Slice BeltGiant SlicePhyFlauros
Assault Dive BeltAssault DivePhyJikokuten
Kill Rush BeltKill RushPhyJikokuten (A)
Rising Slash BeltRising SlashPhyFlauros (A)
Gattling Blows BeltGattling BlowPhyHecatoncheires (A)
Megaton Raid BeltMegaton RaidPhyAbaddon
Swift Strike BeltSwift StrikesPhyHecatoncheires
Myriad Slashes BeltMyriad SlashesPhyOngyo-Ki
Sword Dance BeltSword DancePhyOngyo-Ki (A)
Vorpal Blade BeltVorpal BladePhySiegfried
Brave Blade BeltBrave BladePhySiegfried (A)
Gigantomachia BeltGigantomachiaPhyZaou-Gongen (A)
God's Hand BeltGod's HandPhyAbaddon (A), Zaou-Gongen
Triple Shot BeltTriple DownGunSeth
Special Shot BeltOne-shot KillGunSeth (A)
Ember RingAgiFirHua Po
Spiral Ember RingMaragiFirHua Po (A)
Inferno RingAgidyneFirMoloch
Spiral Inferno RingMaragidyneFirMada, Moloch (A)
Dark Flame BandInfernoFirMada (A)
Frost RingBufuIceGenbu
Snow RingBufulaIceLachesis
Spiral Frost RingMabufuIceGenbu (A)
Blizzard RingBufudyneIceByakko (A), Seiryu
Spiral Snow RingMabufulaIceByakko, Lachesis (A)
Spiral Blizzard RingMabufudyneIceGabriel, Seiryu (A)
Diamond Dust LilyDiamond DustIceGabriel (A)
Static RingZioElePixie
Spark RingZiongaEleZouchouten
Spiral Static RingMazioElePixie (A)
Thunder RingZiodyneEleRaja Naga
Spiral Spark RingMaziongaEleZouchouten (A)
Spiral Thunder RingMaziodyneEleIshtar, Raja Naga (A)
Goddess HornThunder ReignEleIshtar (A)
Breeze RingGaruWinKoppa Tengu
Wind RingGarulaWinKurama Tengu
Spiral Breeze RingMagaruWinKoppa Tengu (A)
Spiral Wind RingMagarulaWinKurama Tengu (A)
Spiral Gale RingMagarudyneWinHastur
Storm SculpturePanta RheiWinHastur (A)
Psy RingPsiPsyKodama
Karma RingPsioPsyRed Rider
Spiral Psy RingMapsiPsyKodama (A)
Mystic RingPsiodynePsyMishaguji (A)
Spiral Karma RingMapsioPsyMishaguji, Red Rider (A)
Spiral Mystic RingMapsiodynePsyKohryu
Dragon's HeartPsycho ForcePsyKohryu (A)
Atom RingFreiNukSuzaku
Nuclear RingFreilaNukAra Mitama
Spiral Atom RingMafreiNukSuzaku (A)
Reactor RingFreidyneNukAnanta (A), Trumpeter
Spiral Nuclear RingMafreilaNukAnanta, Ara Mitama (A)
Spiral Reactor RingMafreidyneNukFafnir, Trumpeter (A)
Fire Dragon HornAtomic FlareNukFafnir (A)
Prayer RingKouhaBleNigi Mitama
Blessing RingKougaBlePrincipality
Spiral Prayer RingMakouhaBleNigi Mitama (A)
Hallowed RingHamaonBleHorus
Divine RingKougaonBleDaisoujou (A)
Spiral Blessing RingMakougaBleDaisoujou, Principality (A)
Spiral Divine RingMakougaonBleThrone
Spiral Hallowed RingMahamaonBleHorus (A)
Judgement CrossDivine JudgementBleThrone (A)
Grudge RingEihaCurOnmoraki
Curse RingEigaCurChoronzon
Spiral Grudge RingMaeihaCurOnmoraki (A)
Hex RingEigaonCurPale Rider, Pazuzu (A)
Spiral Curse RingMaeigaCurChoronzon (A), Pazuzu
Spiral Hex RingMaeigaonCurPale Rider (A)
Spiral Hell RingMamudoonCurAlice
Cursed RibbonDemonic DecreeCurAlice (A)
Aid CharmDiaRecKusi Mitama
Energy CharmEnergy DropRecSaki Mitama
Amrita CharmAmrita DropRecLakshmi
Cure CharmDiaramaRecKushinada-Hime
Spiral Aid RingMediaRecKusi Mitama (A)
Spiral Energy CharmEnergy ShowerRecSaki Mitama (A)
Revival CharmRecarmRecHariti
Spiral Amrita CharmAmrita ShowerRecLakshmi (A)
Spiral Cure CharmMediaramaRecKushinada-Hime (A)
Rejuvenate CharmSamarecarmRecHariti (A)
Rosary of PurityHoly BenevolenceRecMaria (A)
Spiral Heal CharmMediarahanRecMaria
Rebellion AnkletRebellionSupSetanta
Revolution AnkletRevolutionSupSetanta (A)

Skill Cards

Lucky PunchPhyObariyon
Miracle PunchPhyObariyon (A)
Terror ClawPhyKumbhanda
Giant SlicePhyInugami
HeadbuttPhyBlack Ooze
Hysterical SlapPhyYaksini
Cornered FangPhyShiisaa (A)
Double FangsPhyShiisaa
Power SlashPhyBerith (A)
Skull CrackerPhyMothman
Assault DivePhyBicorn (A)
Vajra BlastPhyKin-Ki
Kill RushPhyOni (A)
Rising SlashPhyInugami (A), Valkyrie
Memory BlowPhyBlack Ooze (A)
Dormin RushPhyIncubus (A)
Megaton RaidPhyCerberus
Oni KaguraPhyYaksini (A)
Swift StrikePhyGirimehkala
Tempest SlashPhyDakini
Deadly FuryPhyValkyrie (A)
Vicious StrikePhyKin-Ki (A)
Flash BombPhyIppon-Datara (A)
Mind SlicePhyMothman (A)
Death ScythePhyMacabre (A)
Heat WavePhyOberon
Myriad SlashesPhyDakini (A)
Sword DancePhyAtavaka (A)
BloodbathPhyKumbhanda (A), Macabre
DeathboundPhyGirimehkala (A)
Vorpal BladePhyOberon (A)
AgneyastraPhyAsterius Picaro (A)
Brave BladePhyAtavaka
GigantomachiaPhyAsterius Picaro
God's HandPhyCerberus (A)
Dream NeedleGunIncubus
Double ShotGunShiki-Ouji
Triple DownGunShiki-Ouji (A), Yamata-no-Orochi
One-shot KillGunCu Chulainn, Yamata-no-Orochi (A)
Riot GunGunCu Chulainn (A)
AgiFirCait Sith
MaragiFirCait Sith (A)
AgidyneFirDecarabia (A), Orpheus Picaro
MaragionFirDecarabia, Orthrus (A)
MaragidyneFirSurt, Orpheus Picaro (A)
InfernoFirSurt (A)
MabufuIceKoropokkuru (A)
BufudyneIceBaphomet, Belphegor (A)
MabufulaIceBelphegor, Sui-Ki (A)
MabufudyneIceAlilat, Baphomet (A)
Diamond DustIceAlilat (A)
MazioEleAgathion (A)
ZiodyneEleAtropos (A), Barong
MaziongaEleAtropos, Take-Minakata (A)
MaziodyneEleBarong (A), Dionysus
Thunder ReignEleDionysus (A)
GarulaWinAnzu, High Pixie (A)
MagaruWinHigh Pixie, Kelpie (A)
MagarulaWinAnzu (A)
MagarudyneWinGaruda (A), Quetzalcoatl
Panta RheiWinQuetzalcoatl (A)
PsioPsySudama (A)
MapsiodynePsyForneus (A), Mara
Psycho ForcePsyMara (A)
MafreiNukMakami (A)
FreidyneNukThoth (A), Titania
MafreidyneNukBishamonten, Titania (A)
Atomic FlareNukBishamonten (A)
MakouhaBleAngel (A)
HamaonBleMelchizedek, Unicorn (A)
KougaonBleAnubis (A)
MahamaBleArchangel (A), Unicorn
MakougaBleAnubis, Isis (A)
MahamaonBleMelchizedek (A)
Divine JudgementBleDominion (A)
MudoCurLeanan Sidhe
EigaCurNue (A)
EigaonCurRangda (A)
MamudoCurLeanan Sidhe (A)
MaeigaonCurThanatos Picaro
MamudoonCurBelial, Chernobog (A)
Demonic DecreeCurBelial (A), Thanatos Picaro (A)
Evil TouchAilAndras
Marin KarinAilNebiros
Ominous WordsAilLoa
Abysmal SurgeAilLoa (A)
Brain JackAilNebiros (A)
Evil SmileAilAndras (A)
LullabyAilSandman (A)
MakajamaonAilKaiwan (A)
Nocturnal FlashAilNarcissus (A)
Energy DropRecKikuri-Hime
DiaramaRecApsaras (A)
Energy ShowerRecKikuri-Hime (A)
DiarahanRecSarasvati (A), Kaguya Picaro
SamarecarmRecNorn (A)
MediarahanRecIzanagi-no-Okami Picaro, Kaguya Picaro (A)
SalvationRecIzanagi-no-Okami Picaro (A)
Stagnant AirAlmLegion (A)
Foul BreathAlmLegion
MegidolaAlmBlack Rider
MegidolaonAlmBlack Rider (A)
RevolutionSupGanesha (A)
DekajaSupMokoi (A)
ChargeSupAthena Picaro
ConcentrateSupAthena Picaro (A)
MakarakarnSupClotho (A), Scathach
MarakukajaSupLamia (A)
MarakundaSupOrobas (A)
MasukundaSupMandrake (A)
MatarukajaSupEligor (A)
MatarundaSupSlime (A)
TetrakarnSupScathach (A)
DebilitateSupMagatsu-Izanagi Picaro (A)
Heat RiserSupMagatsu-Izanagi Picaro
Absorb CursePasAttis (A)
Absorb FirePasChimera (A)
Absorb PhysPasChi You (A)
Arms MasterPasTsukiyomi Picaro (A)
Auto-MarakuPasAriadne Picaro (A)
Auto-MasukuPasJatayu (A)
Auto-MataruPasAriadne Picaro
Bless AmpPasPower (A)
Bless BoostPasPower
CounterstrikePasNaga (A), Ose
Gun AmpPasWhite Rider (A)
Elec AmpPasThunderbird (A)
Elec BoostPasThunderbird
EndurePasOrpheus F Picaro
Enduring SoulPasOrpheus F Picaro (A)
Firm StancePasMessiah Picaro (A)
Growth 2PasIzanagi Picaro
Growth 3PasIzanagi Picaro (A)
High CounterPasOse (A)
Ice AmpPasLilim (A)
Ice BoostPasLilim
Insta-HealPasMessiah Picaro
Nuke AmpPasMithras (A)
Nuke BoostPasMithras
Null BlessPasRaphael
Null CursePasAttis
Null ElecPasMot
Null FirePasChimera
Null IcePasParvati
Null NukePasLilith
Null PsyPasKali
Null WindPasBiyarky
Regenerate 1PasRakshasa
Regenerate 2PasKoumokuten, Rakshasa (A)
Regenerate 3PasKoumokuten (A)
Repel BlessPasRaphael (A)
Repel ElecPasMot (A)
Repel IcePasParvati (A)
Repel NukePasLilith (A)
Repel PhysPasChi You
Repel PsyPasKali (A)
Repel WindPasBiyarky (A)
Gun BoostPasWhite Rider
Speed MasterPasJatayu
Spell MasterPasTsukiyomi Picaro
Wind AmpPasFuu-Ki (A)
Wind BoostPasFuu-Ki