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by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020


Changes from Persona 5


  • Addition of new third semester locked behind Councillor Rank 10
  • During third semester most confidants can continue to rank up
  • Party members gain a Rank 11 third awakening for their personas
  • New palace to complete tied to new endings available


  • Group messages will include some photos as well
  • Most forced-sleep evenings converted to Leblanc-only activities instead
  • Daily Assist can provide feedback on what to do in the overworld
  • Social stat-boost activities added or changed around, see Social Stats
    • Shinagawa Aquarium
    • Nakano Street
  • Added Kichijoji area filled with party-enhancing activities, see Battle Boosts
    • Darts
    • Billiards
    • Jazz Club
    • Temple


  • All palace layouts altered to accommodate grappling hooks and Will Seed hunting
  • Palace rulers have additional phases where their behavior changes
  • Accessories changed to effectively function as a 9th equipable skill
  • Fusion chart altered to accommodate new personas from Faith and Councillor arcana
  • Old personas have altered arcana, resistances, and skill sets
  • New personas added tool fusion pool
  • Fusion types enhanced under Fusion Alert condition, see Velvet Room
  • Mementos gets new requests and mysterious vendor Jose, see Mementos
  • Challenge battles added where you aim for a high damage score, see Challenge Battles
  • New palace and battle mechanics altered or introduced, see Battle Mechanics
    • Disaster Shadows
    • Will Seeds
    • Showtime Attacks

Confidants Updates

  • Kasumi joins as new party member and Faith confidant
  • Takuto Maruki joins as Councillor confidant
  • Goro Akechi's Justice confidant is now manual
  • Most confidants that awarded +3 social stats will now only give +2 for most events
  • Some confidant ranks are followed by a phone call which can give additional points
  • Party member movie invites are moved to the evenings
  • Some confidant abilities are enhanced, see Confidants
    • Emperor can copy skill cards immediately
    • Lovers can negate enemy attacks
    • Chariot can insta-kill enemies while still getting money, EXP, and items
    • Justice can reveal unknown enemy resistances
    • Fortune can trigger Fusion Alerts and show optimal answers during confidant events
    • Strength can lower costs for special treatments
    • Hanged can add ailments to guns and customize for free
    • Devil lets you ambush even during high security levels
    • Tower restricts the number of Down Shots to 3 but improve ailment chances
    • Faith enhances your ambush techniques
    • Councillor teaches chance-based skills to Joker

Thieves Den

  • Hub space that tracks in-game progress across all save files
  • Palace Maker can decorate the space with items encountered in-game
  • Also contains gallery for playing back scenes, movies, and music as game progresses
  • Above items purchased through P Medals earned from in-game awards
  • Can watch confidants interact with Palace Maker items and play Tycoon with party members
  • Awards reuse some older trophies combined with new achievements, see Trophies and Thieves Den Awards


  • All DLC originally from P5 are free for Royal in Western Release
  • Additional free Investigation Item Set and Battle Item Set
  • Athena, Orpheus F, Izanagi-no-Okami, and Raoul personas
  • New costume packs and backfill packs for Kasumi
  • Additional challenge battles including P3 and P4 protags as bosses

New Game+

  • Unlocks
    • Joker's ultimate persona
    • Twin's ultimate boss battle
    • Third semester hidden ultimate boss battle
  • Carry Overs
    • Money
    • Compendium
    • Fusion unlocks
    • Social Stats
    • HP and SP increases
    • Jazz club skills
    • Battle equipment
    • Overworld equipment
    • Eternal Lockpick
    • Skill cards
    • Challenge Battle scores
    • Mementos stamps
    • Farewell gifts from Rank 10 confidants
    • Valentine's Day chocolates
    • Christmas gifts