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by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020 | Highest Rated Guide


Battle Mechanics

General Notes

  • The entire party's gun ammo replenishes after every battle (Royal)
  • You get a set number of Down Shots per Metaverse infiltration (Royal)
  • The entire party starts in Guard mode if ambushed (Royal)
  • Futaba's All-out Attack heals the entire party's HP and may activate in place of a normal All-out Attack if it would defeat all enemies (Royal)
  • Security Level starts at 40% (Royal)

Status Ailments

  • Burn: Takes damage every turn
  • Freeze: Unable to take action
  • Shock: Unable to take action, melee attacks against a shocked enemy may transfer Shock
  • Sleep: Unable to take action, HP and SP restores gradually, recovers after being hit
  • Rage: All stats reduced, attack buffed, will automatically use melee attacks
  • Fear: May ignore commands or run away from battle
  • Brainwash: May heal or support the enemy, or attack ally
  • Hunger: Reduces attack
  • Forget: Unable to use skills, recovers after being hit (Royal)
  • Confuse: May throw away money or items, use an item, or do nothing, lasts for 1 turn (Royal)
  • Dizzy: Accuracy greatly reduced, recovers after being hit (Royal)
  • Despair: Unable to take action, dies after 3 turns, Reaper cannot succumb (Royal)

Technical Damage

  • When a combatant is afflicted with an ailment certain elemental attacks against them deal Technical damage
    • Burn: Wind and Nuke
    • Freeze and Shock: Phys and Nuke
    • Dizzy and Sleep: All attacks
    • Dizzy, Sleep, and all other ailments: Psy
  • Deals additional damage as if weakness struck
  • Starts off with only a low chance of knockdown (Royal)
  • Can raise entire party's Technical Rank through billiards (Royal)
    • Rank 2: Technical damage light boost
    • Rank 3: Technical damage medium boost
    • Rank 4: Technical damage heavy boost and medium chance of causing down
    • Rank 5: Technical damage severe boost and guaranteed chance of causing down
  • Reading "Technical Expertise" unlocks additional combos for party (Royal)
    • Forget: Elec
    • Confusion: Gun and Wind
    • Fear: Ice
    • Rage: Fire
    • Brainwash: Bless

Baton Pass

  • If party member downs an enemy they can pass their One More to another party member
  • You cannot Baton Pass to any member who has previously received a pass during the same turn, capping the maximum number of passes at 4
  • Each subsequent pass during the same turn raises the receiver's damage
  • The third pass receiver will have their skill costs set to 0 for that pass (Royal)
  • Baton Pass is available by default for new party members (Royal)
  • Each party member has their own Baton Pass Rank that activates when receiving a Baton Pass that can be leveled up through darts (Royal)
    • Rank 2: Medium damage boost and HP recovery
    • Rank 3: Heavy damage boost and HP recovery, Light SP recovery

Showtime Attacks (Royal)

  • Chance for prompt to occur at beginning of party member's turn
  • That party member will perform a pair attack with another that deals almighty damage to one enemy
  • Damage scales with current level, buffs, and activated traits
  • Can occur during boss fights
  • More showtimes become available over course of story
    • Morgana x Ann: First non-scripted infiltration of Bank Palace
    • Ryuji x Makoto: After securing Treasure Route in Bank Palace
    • Ryuji x Yusuke: 7/17
    • Panther x Yusuke: First non-scripted infiltration of Spaceport Palace
    • Morgana x Haru: After securing Treasure Route in Spaceport Palace
    • Makoto x Haru: First non-scripted infiltration of Casino Palace
    • Joker x Akechi: 1/9
    • Joker x Kasumi: After Faith Rank 10

Treasure Demons

  • After a special Museum Palace event search objects will have a low chance of containing Treasure Demons
  • Treasure Demons will run away if not defeated quickly
  • Defeating one yields larges amounts of money and EXP
  • When negotiated during holdup they will automatically join as a persona
  • They cannot be created through fusion
  • Treasure Demons count towards compendium completion
  • They may also appear in normal encounters (Royal)
  • Each palace and corresponding floor of Mementos has their own Treasure Demon
    • Regent: Museum Palace, Path of Qimranut, and Path of Aiyatsbus
    • Queen's Necklace: Bank Palace and Path of Chemdah
    • Stone of Scone: Pyramid Palace and Path of Kaitul
    • Koh-i-Noor: Spaceport Palace and Path of Akzeriyyuth
    • Orlov: Casino Palace and Path of Adyeshach
    • Emperor's Amulet: Cruiser Palace and Path of Adyeshach
    • Hope Diamond: Depths of Mementos and Path of Da'at (Royal)
    • Crystal Scope: Qliphoth World and Path of Da'at (Royal)
    • Orichalcum: Research Lab Palace (Royal)

Savage Enemies (Royal)

  • Flaming red shadows during normal encounters spawn a higher level enemy
  • These enemies have much higher stats and HP compared to surrounding encounters
  • They will refuse to negotiate until their HP is dangerously low
  • Savage enemies drop sooty armor upon defeat

Disaster Shadows (Royal)

  • Random encounters have a low chance of replacing one of the normal enemies with an upgraded version called a Disaster Shadow
  • Disaster Shadows have the same shape as their normal counterparts with a shiny texture
  • They have the same resistances and skills as their normal counterparts
  • Disaster Shadows will immediately counter any skill that does not down them with heavy damage
  • Upon defeat they explode dealing heavy damage to all remaining enemies
  • Disaster Shadows drop rarer items upon defeat

Will Seeds (Royal)

  • All human rulers have 3 Will Seeds hidden throughout their palace
  • Obtaining a Will Seed restores some SP for the entire party
  • Collecting all 3 Will Seeds will cause them to fuse into a unique accessory with a standard skill
  • Showing the accessory to Jose after the palace collapses will prompt him upgrade it to have a unique skill instead
  • Jose will also sell any Will Seeds you missed from previous palaces at a hefty price