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Close X Walkthrough
by marendarade

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Walkthrough by marendarade

Version: 1.1.1 | Updated: 04/28/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2020

All Confidant Events Walkthrough

ACE How to Use

Goals of ACE Walkthrough

  • Max all social stats
  • Max all confidants
  • Finish all Strength dates
  • Finish all Mementos requests
  • Unlock all trophies
  • Unlock all NG Thieves Den awards
  • Obtain all room decorations
  • View all confidant hangout events
  • Quickly rank up Technical Lv. through billiards
  • Minimize reloading for RNG social stats


  • Original Walkthrough
    • https://wikiwiki.jp/persona5r/allchart
  • Walkthrough Mirror
    • https://aqiu384.github.io/p5r-walkthrough/ace-walkthrough
  • Fusion Calculator
    • https://aqiu384.github.io/megaten-fusion-tool/p5r/personas
  • Enemy List
    • https://aqiu384.github.io/megaten-fusion-tool/p5r/shadows

Save Rotation

  • Rotate through all 16 save slot so you can backtrack if you make a scheduling mistake
  • When infiltrating palace save right before you enter the Metaverse and right before you leave

Stat Levels

StatLv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4Lv. 5

Musical Notes for Stats

Actual Stat GainsDisplayed Notes
3 or 42
5, 7, or 103

Crossword Rotation

  • On set evenings you can complete a crossword in Leblanc and receive (Knowledge +2)
  • Completing a crossword does not take time
  • Crossword answers will carry over to the next crossword evening unless completed
  • If the answer does not match the guide you have missed a day

Aojiru Rotation

  • On Sundays you can drink aojiru for Y5000 from the Shibuya underground walkway and receive (Social Stat +2)
  • Drinking aojiru does not take time
  • The stat type received from aojiru works off a set rotation and will carry over to the next Sunday unless purchased
  • If the stat gain does not match the guide you have missed a day

Random Stats from Billiards

  • Playing billiards will grant a (Random Stat +3) except for Kindness
  • These random stat gains are excluded from the stat progression
  • If you are behind on social stats, you can use this opportunity to reload for the stat you need

Metaverse Progress

  • All palaces were cleared on Hard using the minimum number of in-game days
  • Similarly you can clear palaces however you wish as long as you adhere to the schedule
  • When infiltrating Mementos you must finish all listed requests to proceed with confidant schedule
  • Helpful suggestions are listed under Palace Tips section

Mementos Requests

  • Requests are unlocked by ranking up confidants and reading messages from Mishima
  • Your phone holds only the last 50 messages, making some permanently missable if not read
  • Always read all your messages, fast-forward through them if you wish
  • Some requests lack a target and must be investigated in the overworld to ID them

Confidant Rank Up Points

  • You normally acquire enough points to unlock a confidant's next rank up event by giving positive responses to their prompts during conversations
  • When you give a correct response you get 1 to 3 confidant points that are represented as blue musical notes that fly offscreen
  • The sparkles that accompany the notes also show if you have enough points to rank up
    • If the sparkles remain over the confidant's head you do not have enough points
    • If the sparkles fly offscreen with the notes the next hangout will be a rank up event
  • This guide notes the optimal answers along with their position, tentative translation, and expected confidant points

Omitted Confidant Answers

  • All prompts where no response gives confidant points
  • Ranks 1 and 10 which are always followed by a rank up event
  • Fool, Magician, and Judgement which rank up automatically
  • Moon which solely ranks up based on completing Mementos requests
  • Sun which ranks up every meeting regardless of answers

Ranking Up Strength

  • Strength which solely ranks up based on completing fusion requests
  • You can complete their requests at your own pace so long you finish before the 12/24 deadline
  • See the Strength Confidant section for suggested fusion pathways

Carrying Matching Arcana

  • Carrying a persona of the same arcana while talking to a confidant gives an extra confidant point +1 for every response that normally gives confidant points
  • The persona only has to be in your stock and not necessarily equipped
  • This guide expects you to always carry the matching arcana for confidant events after 4/20
  • Included events include all confidant rank ups as well some unique cases
    • Non-rank up hangout events
    • Relationship Fortunes by Chihaya
    • Hierophant when making coffee or cleaning Leblanc
    • Lovers when answering class questions on 4/25, 6/20, and 7/7
  • You never need matching arcana for Fool, Magician, Strength, Moon, Sun, and Judgement confidants

Romancing a Confidant

  • This guide is structured so you can choose to romance any on the 10 potential confidants upon reaching Rank 9
  • Death Rank 10 is moved from daytime to evening if you romance so there are 2 spots where it can occur
  • There are additional endgame benefits if you do not romance more than 1 confidant on the same save file
    • On 2/15 the remaining 9 confidants and Judgement gift you with a friendship chocolate

Unlocking all Trophies

  • For complete list see Trophies
  • Can platinum without NG+
  • All Metaverse trophies except A Unique Rebel should be easy to unlock by endgame
  • Can save-reload for a couple overworld trophies, rest will auto unlock while following guide
    • My Best Partner: Max out one confidant on romance route
    • Get Rich Quick: Wait a week for lottery ticket prize announcement, does not have to be grand prize
    • Unexpected Value: Sell armor to Kichijoji used clothes store
    • Mind Control: Meditate at the temple
    • Under-the-Table Goods: Customize a gun
    • Akiba's Master: Make Y20,000 worth of orders before visiting for special menu

Unlocking all Thieves Den Awards

  • For complete list see Thieves Den Awards
  • All awards except for NG+ can be done through save-reloads
    • Mask Collector: Get 99% compendium completion during NG so only Joker's NG+ ultimate persona is missing
    • Beyond Rehabilitation: Needs NG+ Mementos
    • True Rehabilitation: Needs NG+ third semester
  • Some rewards require careful scheduling even with save-reloads
    • Beloved Phantom Thief: Need to see the Rank 10 event for every candidate on romance route
      • Save whenever you reach Rank 9 romance decision point in guide
      • Take romance route and do Rank 10 ASAP
      • Check to make sure counter in Thieves Den goes up
      • Reload save and proceed with friendship route following the guide normally
      • You can reverse the steps if you wish to commit to a relationship on that save
    • True Comrade: Should also unlock while using above process to complete Beloved Phantom Thief
    • Kung Fu Master: Needs 16 gym visits on a save