tyrants mind help?

  1. How much does tyrants mind actually increase the % it just says strengthens attacks. I am trying to figure out if I should use satanael because of tyrants mind use use izanagi no okami for country maker.

    I have magic ability and almighty boost and amp btw.

    User Info: alpha4706

    alpha4706 - 4 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Izanagi-no-Okami's Country Maker far outperforms Tyrant's Mind, and Myriad Truths alone far outperforms any attack you could give to Satanael. It's a completely broken trait together with a completely broken attack, making a completely broken persona.

    Tyrant's Mind gives a 25% attack boost, or x1.25, and is separate from the standard calculation that includes Boosts, Amps, and Magic Ability that caps at x2.0. So when combined with those 3 skills, you get x2.5. The best trait to give Satanael is either Intense Focus or Mighty Gaze, depending on the attack you're using (so most likely Intense Focus), which both give another 1.25x increase (Pagan Allure is 1.5x, but it combined with Boost, Amp, and MA is still capped at 2.0x, while those other traits, just like with Tyrant's Mind, are separate from that). So with Intense Focus/Mighty Gaze included, you get x3.125 damage output.

    Country Maker increases both attack AND defense by the completion percentage of the Persona compendium and is also separate from the standard calculation that includes the standard passive skills. At 56% compendium completion, giving it 1.56x increase, it's already surpassed Tyrant's Mind, since it both increases outgoing damage AND decreases incoming damage. At a full 100%, combined with the 3 standard passive skills that are capped at x2.0, you get x4.0 damage while receiving half damage.

    And Myriad Truths may only deal Heavy damage instead of Severe like something you'd have Satanael use, but, seriously, *it hits 3 times*.

    User Info: XerBlade

    XerBlade (Expert) - 4 days ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. From that top thing I can tell you that with max buff on a normal attack no technical crit or down
    U will do 3.75 damage
    So if u have an attack that does 100 u will do 375 in that attack

    User Info: Door_Ultra

    Door_Ultra - 2 days ago 0   1
  2. The buffs r concentrate/charge for 2.5 plus tarukaja for 3.0 and plus rakunda for 3.5 and then if tyrants mind is 1.25 then 3.75
    Heat riser is all kaja attacks and debilitate is all unda attacks those don't include ma unda or kaja attacks

    User Info: Door_Ultra

    Door_Ultra - 2 days ago
  3. Literally none of that works that way.

    User Info: XerBlade

    XerBlade - 1 day ago

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