Is there a reward for getting all Thieves' Den Awards?

  1. So, after two playthroughs, I've finally unlocked every Award. Upon entering the Den, Jose mentioned some reward, that would be found in a "box" related to "memories" or something.

    What is the reward, and where is it?

    User Info: Akira_Kurusu22

    Akira_Kurusu22 - 6 days ago


  1. The rewards are two items
    1. An armor called "Cloak of invisibility" that makes shadows not able to see you.
    2. Key item called "Letter of Royalty" which lets you perform compendium summons for no cost.

    You can find these items in the cardboard box in your room.

    User Info: Qwertyui12

    Qwertyui12 - 5 days ago 0   0
  2. Really? I've checked my box, and...nothing. Odd.

    Also, the "Letter of Royalty" is worthless; money's already plentiful, so the summons might as well already be free. That Key Item would just take away my sole means of using money. Ew.

    User Info: Akira_Kurusu22

    Akira_Kurusu22 - 5 days ago

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