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Never left
All trophies collected
Now it Begins
Gets out from a cubicle
The Secret of Lights
Turn off the lights for five times
Thumbs Up
Achieve QTE success for the first time
Upon Observation
Pull the camera five times
Good Eye
Pick up three items
Call Me Paranoid
Knock off all tiles
Master Locksmith
Successfully opens the safe upon first try
Successfully repair the hand dryer
Hit the windows/mirrors ten times
Can't Touch This
Successfully avoid the bear during the breaking wall event
Mr. Lungs
Complete the underwater event
A Trip Down Memory Lane
Enter the cave
Directionally Challenged
Stay in the cave for more than three minutes
What a Beautiful Sound
Prevent the bear from entering the Inverted Bedroom within the time limit
Beginner's Luck
Found the key in the cave by breaking the light bulbs
Your Childhood
Enter the Normal Bedroom for the first time
Touch the lights in the bedroom five times
Slam Dunk
Successfully dunk the bear into the tub of water upon first try
Peeping Tom
Look through the peephole on the bedroom door four times
Killed by toy three times
The Collector
Collect all items
End the nightmare

Originally Contributed By: Kelayr

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