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Alpha Mission Cheats


  • Continue

    Quickly press A, B, Up, Down, B, A, Right and Left at the game over screen.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    2    6

Secret Items

  • Hidden boss-a-thon

    Normally if you defeat Area 12 boss, it will display Area 13 then say Area 1. There is a playable Area 1. What you must do is defeat the boss very quickly. Area 13 consists of the first 5 bosses in a row then an entirely playable Area 6/12. Defeat this boss and everything is back to normal with Area 13 displayed followed by Area 1 unless "I assume" you were lucky to find another Thunder and cream the Area 13 boss again.

    Area 13Defeat Area 12 boss with Thunder in 3 hits.

    Contributed By: IceQueenZer0.

    3    0

Area/Level Hints

  • Skip Area 5 boss/Area 6

    You don't actually skip Area 6 but if you gather both Warp (W) icons in Area 5 then you skip the boss altogether and end up in Area 6 without being told. Defeating this boss takes you to Area 7.

    Contributed By: IceQueenZer0.

    3    0

Athena Cheats


  • Get Ultimate Weapons

    In the first level, look for the first small mushroom, get on top of it, and duck down. You'll get the ultimate sword, shield, helmet, and armor.

    Contributed By: Flying Omelette.

    9    2

Crystalis Cheats


  • Cheat Mode (Japan-only)

    Press and hold A and B on Controller 1, then turn the console off and on again. After, during gameplay, access the status screen via Start and press A on Controller 2. This enables very quick movement. Press any D-Pad button for invulnerability, all items, all equipment, and max (255) MP as well.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    4    3

  • Pause the game

    To pause the game, press B on the second controller.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    7    3

  • Warp Code

    While playing, hold A + B on Controller 1, then press A on Controller 2 to cycle between 16 locations from the game.

    Contributed By: Anonymous and ReyVGM.

    8    0


  • Cheaper Items

    First, move the cursor in a shop above or below the item you wish to buy - whichever item you hover over preferably should have a cheaper cost than the item desired. Then press Up or Down on the D-Pad (towards the desired item) and the A Button at exactly the same time - you should buy the item you wanted, at the cost of the item you hovered over!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    5    4

  • Easily obtain the spell of Telepathy

    Normally, in order to obtain the spell of Telepathy, you must defeat Stom in a training battle, which can be quite difficult. However, there is an easier way to get the spell.

    Before your battle with Stom begins, equip a pair of Warp Boots. As soon as the battle begins and Stom starts attacking you, immediately activate the Warp Boots and then choose to warp to the town of Leaf. Make sure you don't choose any other towns but Leaf.

    Once you arrive in Leaf, you will receive the spell of Telepathy without having to fight Stom.

    Contributed By: HyperIria.

    0    0

  • Level Charge Glitch

    First, you must equip a sword that can charge to the second level, as well as the ball to go along with it. Hit Select and bring up the menu again, then swap to a sword that cannot charge to the second level. Keep the menu up and save the game, then reset - the newly-equipped sword will then be able to charge to the second level!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    3    1

  • Rabbit Boots Glitch

    If you use the Rabbit Boots, normally you can jump, but there's a special glitch involving the dolphin and these boots. If you were to get on and get off the dolphin while jumping with these equipped, you could hit the water, and in turn fly over the water. This glitch can be used, for example, to skip the Evil Spirit Island sequence.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    4    2

Guerrilla War Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter the following on the Game Over screen:

    Continue after Game OverHold A + B
    Continue after Game Over (2-player game)A, B, B, A

    Contributed By: Justoid27.

    3    1

  • Hidden Minigame (Japanese version)

    At the player selection screen, hold A + B and press Start to trigger the Level Select cheat. Once in that screen, set to stage 5 and hold Up + A + B on controllers 1 and 2, and then press Start on controller 1. If done right, you'll access a hidden minigame based on the "Sasuke vs. Commander ", Arcade game released by SNK.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.

    3    1

  • Level and Difficulty Select

    Level and Difficulty SelectAt the Player Mode Menu screen, hold A & B and press Start

    Contributed By: Mud Turkey 13.

    4    1

Ikari III: The Rescue Cheats


  • Continue w/2 Players

    During a 2 player game, when Player 1 dies, simply hold Up-Right and press A to continue where Player 2 is.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    3    0

Ikari Warriors Cheats


  • Codes

    Continue GameWhen you get Game Over, press A, B, B, A
    Player Two Can Enter One Player GamePress A, B, B, A on controller two

    Contributed By: Dallas and VampireJ.

    7    2

  • Level Select

    At the title screen press:

    Up, Down, A, A, B, Left, Right, A, B, Up, A, Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Up, Left, A, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Left, Up, A, Down, A, Right, Left, B, and finally press Start (do this quickly, before the demo starts playing). While the plane is landing press A or B to choose your level.

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    7    9


  • Two Tanks or Helicopters instead of One

    In a 2 player, when you see a tank or a helicopter, both players should position their characters near the tank or helicopter and press A at the samt time. Instead of only one player getting the helicopter or tank, both players get one!

    Contributed By: SSnesVegita.

    3    0

Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road Cheats


  • Continue Game

    Note that these will not work on the final level of the game.

    Continue Game (Japan Version)A, B, B, A, A, A, A, A, A, B (before Game Over screen appears)
    Continue Game (US Version)A, B, B, A (before Game Over screen appears)

    Contributed By: Dallas and KeyBlade999.

    3    4

Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy Cheats


  • Passwords

    Far in the game with Full Weapons7067081
    Level 23446390
    Level 32433455
    Level 41415434
    Level 50407657
    Level 60077405

    Contributed By: Swiftshark and AdamL.

    4    7

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War Cheats


  • Codes

    Start with 21 LivesA, B, B, Up, Up, Down, Left, Start (on title screen)

    Contributed By: Dallas.

    20    6

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