Where can I find Jax Klassic Arms?

  1. I need Help Find Jax Klassic Arms

    User Info: ToughAssDillard

    ToughAssDillard - 7 months ago


  1. You just missed them in the Krypt. They were in a gold Kronika vault thing on the bridge. Probably gone by now though.

    User Info: R_V_D_420

    R_V_D_420 - 6 months ago 0   0
  2. Lol..

    User Info: craftEbreton

    craftEbreton - 7 months ago 1   2
  3. Hehe.. Got them in the basement hive, after couple 100K of chests resets. In other words: you need to Grind!

    User Info: neoempii

    neoempii - 6 months ago 2   3
  4. This is a lie, it is only available during the specific krypt event.

    User Info: Shibby_123

    Shibby_123 - 2 months ago

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