Has anyone found any other secret tower keys?

  1. There are currently 2 secret tower keys that've been found; the Rolling Magma Tower Key (which unlocks the Screaming Demon Scorpion skin & Beast Within Liu Kang skin), and the Battle Singed Tower Key) which unlocks the Kazan Inferno Scorpion mask, Grandmaster's Mukuri Uchigatana katana, Fiery Hell Spear of the Meijin spear, and Scorpion's Inferno skin).

    Anyways, there are 7 more files for undiscovered tower keys that've been found, and NRS added new towers to the ToT rotation. I was just wondering if anybody has come across any more tower keys that've been unlocked through the brutal difficulty of a specific tower. And no, I'm not talking about the Beating Sealed Heart, Soul Thurible, or Cache of Wealth tower keys as those are easy to find.

    Any help would be great and shoot me a message if you need any more clarification.

    User Info: YungTaxEvasion

    YungTaxEvasion - 1 week ago

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