Why can't i get shang tsung?

  1. I bought the premium edition I’ve seen people say to go to add-ons they don’t have him as an option it’s the ninja skins, kombat pack (i already have those downloaded and installed) shao kahn & time crystals and when i click on his icon on the game to go to the store the game freezes and crashes

    User Info: Tinyten

    Tinyten - 3 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I just checked the update history and it says i have the version with shang tsung and the kombat league added but he's still blocked from being selected on the character select screen

    User Info: Tinyten

    Tinyten - 3 months ago 1   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. You have to download him individually in the store, if you did then i dont know

    User Info: HitmanDoom64

    HitmanDoom64 - 3 months ago 3   0
  2. Thank you for the reply he eventually showed up in the store later on in the day

    User Info: Tinyten

    Tinyten - 2 months ago

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