Will I ever get the Klassic Kabal face shield unlocked?

  1. I'm starting to worry that I will never get that Klassic Kabal face shield despite the fact that I've heard that it's in the shrine, everytime I see the other CPU Kabal opponents with that mask on it makes me wish I had it unlocked but I'm about ready to just give up and realize that I am not meant to have it. I'll be lucky enough if it ever shows up in the premium shop, but I don't think it'll ever happen.

    User Info: BLACKWIDOWFuZe

    BLACKWIDOWFuZe - 2 months ago
  2. It isn't in the shrine. As a matter of fact, it isn't even obtainable right now.

    User Info: YungTaxEvasion

    YungTaxEvasion - 2 weeks ago


  1. If you're looking for a discussion then I suggest you post in the Board section. You're not really asking for any help with this question.

    User Info: FavaBeans

    FavaBeans - 2 months ago 0   1

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