How do I beat stage 23 of the tower of time gauntlet?

  1. How do you beat Raiden in stage 23 of gauntlet tower of time?

    User Info: YungDripset

    YungDripset - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. using A.I. fighters

    User Info: harley3651

    harley3651 - 1 month ago 1   0


  1. I've only heard someone about Cleansing Stones helping, I don't even know where to find them

    User Info: MrBiggyBlack

    MrBiggyBlack - 1 month ago 0   0
  2. Use the tower consumable "cleansing stone." It disables weather conditions. Gets rid of the lightning storm and makes it a whole lot easier.

    User Info: zeldamark

    zeldamark - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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