How many stages in the gauntlet?

  1. I am currently on stage 11. Was stuck on 7 for awhile with the flawless one but got past it and the rest have been a breeze, but now im curious how many more inhave to do or is it endless.

    User Info: mastermikej

    mastermikej - 11 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 30 stages and they are hell, so best of luck to you.

    User Info: 1TheEvilOne

    1TheEvilOne - 11 months ago 2   2

Other Answers

  1. Its 30 so good luck.

    User Info: Then0rm

    Then0rm - 11 months ago 3   1
  2. its not so bad if you turn on AI fighting

    User Info: harley3651

    harley3651 - 10 months ago 2   0
  3. Good luck on 23 and 25. You're gonna have fun with those, believe me.

    User Info: YagamiBrando

    YagamiBrando - 10 months ago 2   0

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