How do I see the forge recipes I've unlocked?

  1. See above. I've gotten a few forge recipes, but I have no idea how to actually LOOK AT them now that I have them.

    User Info: lonedarkness

    lonedarkness - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Go to Kustomize then Kollection. It should be there at the bottom under Extras.

    User Info: FavaBeans

    FavaBeans - 1 month ago 3   0
  2. I am also stuck on this. Where exactly is kustomize. I dont see that anywhere.

    User Info: mastermikej

    mastermikej - 3 weeks ago
  3. It's not inside the Krypt - you get there from the main menu

    User Info: Pistolized

    Pistolized - 2 weeks ago

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