Why does shay Kahn get beaten up by basically everyone in MK11?

  1. Doesn't anyone find it annoying how Shaw Kahn gets beaten by loyal Kahn and then killed by kitana in the MK11 story mode? It's like why didn't you just do that in the first place?

    User Info: Dielan

    Dielan - 2 months ago

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  1. Not to be a dick but...
    Shao Kahn*
    Kotal Kahn*
    Some of the parts in the story in MHO were filler. Not totally unneeded but kind of unnecessary. Like the fight with the briggs on the island and you have to fight Centrion. Could have just made a tactical retreat or something. The Briggs totally could have ran with the crown. But the Kitana part was necessary because she was stolen from her homeland and used as a hostage/prize so Shao Kahn could gain attention from her mother.

    User Info: FuzzyKittyOwO

    FuzzyKittyOwO - 1 month ago 2   1
  2. Damn auto correct and also with Shao Kahn they should've made it a team effort instead of just Kitana killing him

    User Info: Dielan

    Dielan - 1 month ago


  1. I agree to that as well. They made him sound so powerful it should have been a "Thanos" kind of thing.

    User Info: FuzzyKittyOwO

    FuzzyKittyOwO - 1 month ago 1   1

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