What is the terminal in Warm ship for?

  1. So I'm on the Warm Ship quest. I finish the task and I explore like any spacer would do. On the upper level there is a barred door. I open it and there's a terminal there. I go through all the info, what's it for? Small dark lettering on a dark background. My eyes are already bad. Did no one say "Y'know that's a terrible display. My eyesight is 20/20 and even I have a hard time reading it." Alack and alas, the point is moot.

    User Info: the1andonlyJZ

    the1andonlyJZ - 2 weeks ago


  1. Friend,

    I don't know!!!!! If you can not read it, does it matter?

    They try to give little stories, and back stories, and tell more information about the places and groups with terminal entries. I just blasted through them, but I try to click on every one, scroll to the bottom, and then get out, and go to the next. Just so if anything was " TRIGGERED" it would be.

    So sorry. I do not know what computer you are talking about.

    Good luck.

    dr. Darrell of Michigan.

    User Info: drclaeys

    drclaeys - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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