How Does Unlocking The Champion Kart Works Exactly?

  1. I’m In The 5 Percent Of The Leaderboards But Didn’t Get The Champion Kart, Do U Get It After Grand Prix Finishes?

    User Info: RMX115

    RMX115 - 2 months ago


  1. Gotta be under 5% of championship OR nitro leaderboard. That's 4,500 down and 45,000 down. If you are at position 40,000 on nitro leaderboard, you unlock it

    User Info: Mmoises1213

    Mmoises1213 - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  2. Yes, that's correct. You will receive the Championship Kart once the Grand Prix event is over. If you are in the 5% when the Grand Prix is over it will be given to you.

    The current Grand Prix runs from July 3rd until July 27th which is when you should receive it so long as you are able to stay in the 5%.

    User Info: OmegaXXII

    OmegaXXII - 2 months ago 1   3
  3. To get the champion kart do I have to stay in the top 5% or just be in the top 5% because im currently in the top 5% and I want to know if i can get it once the grand prix ends?

    User Info: Ariasma1

    Ariasma1 - 2 weeks ago
  4. You have to be in the top 5% when the Grand Prix ends.

    User Info: Wickerman90

    Wickerman90 - 5 days ago

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