I didn't pre-order. Can I still get the Electron skins?

  1. I know they were a pre-order bonus, but if I buy the game now will I still get them?

    User Info: madhair

    madhair - 2 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I bought mine in the store and it just came with a little paper inside the case.

    User Info: romevi

    romevi - 2 months ago 4   1
  2. Same here

    User Info: ksull

    ksull - 3 weeks ago


  1. I just bought it on PS store and got the skins so yeah most likely

    User Info: JamieDodgr

    JamieDodgr - 1 month ago 0   0
  2. Yes, you can still get the Election skin even though you've got a physical copy. Your physical copy should've came with a redemption code. You need to redeem that access code in the PS4's store menu.

    Alternatively, you can locate Crash Tag Team: Nitro Fueled in the PS4 store and look up the add-on selections.

    User Info: FearfulGamer

    FearfulGamer - 1 month ago 0   1

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