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by Jaerah

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jaerah

Updated: 03/21/19

Game Basics

Welcome to my Far Cry New Dawn walkthrough! This is a fairly simple game that will give you simple directions to everything, from main missions to the little collectibles, so I hope this guide helps fill in the gaps between the waypoints. This section will fill you in on the basic systems at play in this game

Your overarching goal in Far Cry New Dawn is to complete all of the story missions and defeat the Highwaymen, but of course you're going to need to do a little more than just walk to each story mission and follow the directions. In New Dawn, rather than collecting money to buy items, you'll need to scavenge the landscape for supplies to make weapons and ammunition. Fortunately for me this isn't nearly as deep as it sounds, and scavenged supplies work almost exactly like money. There are 5 types of collectible materials:

  1. From enemies - Slain enemies will give you random supplies, all which contribute to crafting (buying) ammo and throwables
  2. From nature - There are 3 distinct plants that grow all across the map, one blue, one red/orange, the other yellow. Their color as well as the default item flashing should help you see them out and about. Also, meat, which is of course gathered from killed animals. All four of these ingredients are needed to make medkits.
  3. From locations and treasure hunts - There are 101 named locations in New Dawn of varying size, many of which are optional to explore, but have a set amount (non-respawning) of crucial collectibles lying around, each needed to make pretty much every weapon in the game, in varying quantities. In menus and in the world, these 4 items appear as a pile of duct tape, a large spring, a pile of gears, and a pristine-looking yellow plastic crate of stuff.
  4. From completing expeditons - While you can find plenty of materials from category 3 on expeditions, you'll always get an amount of these two materials for completing expedtions. For more information on expeditions, see the Expiditions section.
  5. From liberating outposts - Clearing an outpost, one of the 10 large structures billowing smoke strewn across the map, of Highwaymen will reward you with ethanol, the fuel of Prosperity and your progression through the game, as well as some later game weapon crafting materials. Upon liberating an outpost, you can scavenge it for extra ethanol instantly, and then recapture it on the next rank to gain even more ethanol. This process can be repeated indefinitely, but outposts will stop ranking up at rank 3

Another new thing about New Dawn is the character progression itself. Throughout the story, you will be required to upgrade Prosperity, your home base, in order to advance. These couple of requirements will block you from proceeding in the story when you reach them, but you'll want to upgrade Prosperity anyway, and likely will well in time with the upgrade checks. In order to upgrade Prosperity, you'll need to start by funding its individual facilities, the Workbench, Infirmary, Garage, Training Camp, Explosives Lab, Expeditions, Healing Garden, and Cartography, with some ethanol you've earned from liberating outposts. Here's a rundown on what the facility upgrades will give you in addition to helping upgrade Prosperity. All facilities start at level 0

  • Workbench: The workbench is basically the store. It's where you'll cash in all of your supplies for ammo and weapons. Higher ranked weapons will allow you to kill the respective rank of enemy with a normal amount of effort.
    • Level 0 - Craft Rank 1 weapons
    • Level 1 - Craft Rank 2 weapons
    • Level 2 - Craft Rank 3 weapons
    • Level 3 - Craft Rank 4 (crown) weapons
  • Infirmary: This facility determines your health pool
    • Level 0 - 100% base health
    • Level 1 - 150% base health
    • Level 2 - 200% base health
    • Level 3 - 250% base health
  • Garage: The store for vehicles, works the same as the workbench, but... for vehicles.
    • Level 0 - Craft Rank 1 vehicles
    • Level 1 - Craft Rank 2 vehicles
    • Level 2 - Craft Rank 3 vehicles
    • Level 3 - Craft Rank 4 vehicles
  • Training Camp: This facility determines the rank of your Guns for Hire. Guns for Hire will almost always kill an enemy of their rank, but will have increasingly harder times fighting off higher ranking enemies, even undetected. To see more on Guns for Hire, see the dedicated section.
    • Level 0 - Guns for Hire are Rank 1
    • Level 1 - Guns for Hire are Rank 2
    • Level 2 - Guns for Hire are Rank 3
    • Level 3 - Guns for Hire are Rank 4
  • Explosives Lab: This facility determines what throwables you can craft on the spot
    • Level 0 - Craft molotovs, smoke grenades, and throwing knifes
    • Level 1 - Craft dynamite and piercing ammo
    • Level 2 - Craft remote explosives and fire ammo
    • Level 3 - Craft proximity explosives, pipe bombs, and explosive ammo
  • Expeditions: This facility allows for fast travel to different parts of the map, as well as access to a type of new side mission, called expedtions. To see more info, see the dedicated section.
    • Level 0 - Fast travel to Prosperity
    • Level 1 - Unlocks Expeditions and fast travel to liberated outposts
    • Level 2 - Unlocks fast travel to locations
    • Level 3 - Unlocks air drop option to all fast travel
  • Healing Garden: This facility determines the regen rate after you heal with a medkit
    • Level 0 - Medkit available
    • Level 1 - Medkits regenerate health for 5 seconds
    • Level 2 - Medkits regenerate health for 10 seconds
    • Level 3 - Medkits regenerate health for 20 seconds
  • Cartography: Upgrading this facility will let you buy maps showing the relative locations of all the collectables and hunt-able animals in the game
    • Level 0 - Purchasable maps: Duct tape and component locations
    • Level 1 - Unlocks maps to purchase: Gears, springs, prey animals, fish, and birds
    • Level 2 - Unlocks maps to purchase: Treasure hunts, music players, and photographs
    • Level 3 - Unlocks maps to purchase: Predator and monstrous(rank 4) animals.

The last set of tools at your disposal are your perks, which are unlocked with perk points that are earned through saving civilians, in treasure hunts, or by completing challenges. To see more on Challenges, see the dedicated section. Here's a list of all the perks and what they do.

Perk Cost
GrappleAllows use of grappling hook2
Repair TorchAllows use of repair torch3
SkydiverAllows use of wingsuit3
Fishing RodAllows use of fishing rod2
Outdoor EnthusiastPrey won't flee as easily7
BinocularsAllows use of binoculars4
HotwireAutomatically disables booby traps on vehicles4
MechanicReduced mounted gun overheat and vehicles auto repair when being driven6
LockpickingAllows for lockpicking8
SaboteurAllows vehicles to be sabotaged8
CovertIncreased stealth and crouched movement speed7
DexteritySpeeds up consumable crafting, sabotage, disabling alarms, and opening safes and supply drops5
Locked and LoadedReload semi-auto handguns and snipers while aiming2
More Lung CapacityIncreases sprint duration and lung capacity. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
More Fist DamageIncreases punch and kick damage. Can be upgraded indefinitely7
Advanced TakedownsAllows for takedowns on Rank 2 enemies8
Expert TakedownsAllows for takedowns on Rank 3 enemies10
Master TakedownsAllows for takedowns on Rank 4 enemies2
Well-ArmedAllows a third weapon slot4
Heavily ArmedAllows a fourth weapon slot3
More MedkitsIncreases amount of medkits carried. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
More Melee WeaponsIncreases amount of melee weapons carried. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
More ThrowablesIncreases the amount of throwables carried. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
More Light AmmoIncreases the amount of light ammo carried. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
More Heavy AmmoIncreases the amount of heavy ammo carried. Can be upgraded indefinitely3
Leap of FaithAllows use of double jump8
GhostAllows use of Ghost, which briefly increases stealth12
WrathAllows use of Wrath, which increases speed, damage, and prevents knock-down12
Eden's TouchTakedowns replenish Wrath/Ghost meter, and loot automatically6
Eden's GiftIncreases regen rate on Wrath/Ghost meter8