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Good job Agent!
Unlock all the trophies
Basic Volgravian
Scan the Basic Volgravian Datadrive
Evacuation Protocol
Scan the Evacuation Protocol Datadrive
The First King
Scan the first Red King painting
Dig deeper
Find a way into the underground complex
Power Station
Scan the Power Station Datadrive
The Second King
Scan the second Red King painting
Maintenance Work
Restore the power
We are close!
Access the Vault
Scan the Security Datadrive
Scan the Habitat Datadrive
The Other Side
Find Nikolai's secret room
Who are we?
Play the mysterious videotape
The Third King
Scan the third Red King painting
We're getting very close Epsilon
Access the Quantum Lab
The Documents!
Find and scan the secret documents
Quantum Physics
Scan the Quantum Physics Datadrive
Volgravian Communication Protocols
Scan the Volgravian Communication Protocols Datadrive
Epsilon? No, no, no, no!!
Send the Documents
Meet the Maker
Find the special Datadrive

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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