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The Maker Of Kings
Collect all the trophies in the game
Admirer Of Finer Things
Gather masterpiece works from all ten royal artisans.
Against All Odds
Travel to the mysterious realm of the fey and face your destiny.
Assassinating the assassins
You survived the night attack on Jamandi Aldori mansion. Nice start of the adventure!
Slay the Forefather.
Slayer of Bears
Kill the bear in Temple of the Elk solo, with lvl 2 character on Hard mode or above.
Fire. Or Acid
Stop the troll invasion.
Enemy Within
Solve the mystery and save your barony from otherworldly threat.
V for...
Silence the voice of the lost empire.
Know Their Weaknesses
Kill Kargadd with sunlight.
Hail to the King!
You are now the one and only ruler of your very own kingdom!
Neighborly Affairs
Deal with your fellow neighbor king and his appetites toward your land.
Foes No More
Turn three villains into your friends or servants
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
So Shall You Reap
You've unlocked the special secret ending of the game!
Useful Instruments
Unlock all five additional kingdom stats and assign leaders to respective positions.
Prosperous Kingdom
Raise all kingdom stats to the 10th rank.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Tricks of Time
You've helped one certain Eldest to play a joke! They are grateful.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Who's There?
You knew it was coming, didn't you?
Claim all available regions.
Prosperous Conqueror
Claim all available regions and develop them to their maximum potential.
Intensive Development
Explore the Stolen Lands and find all resource locations.
Lost And Found
Visit Lostlarn Keep while playing the main story campaign.
Into the Darkness
Reach the 30th dungeon level Beneath the Stolen Lands while playing in rogue-like mode.
Recruit all available companions.
Bird of Prey
Win the main prize of the royal hunt fair and square, killing two magical beasts.
The Price You Pay
In main campaign, find out the truth and eliminate the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
The Road Goes Ever On
Unite Maegar Varn with his beloved.
Apocalypse Can Wait
In rogue-like mode, find out the truth and eliminate the threat Beneath the Stolen Lands.
That's Your Lot
Complete the "Varnhold's Lot" campaign.
Succeed in all available companion quests and win the loyalty of your comrades.
Tale Of The Days Long Gone
Collect all pieces of an ancient artifact and let the Storyteller reforge it for you.
Those Precious Tales
Gather all Storyteller's artifacts.
In My Heart
Find your love.
Yet Another Ancient Evil
Find and defeat the secret threat, locked in a magical prison in The Stolen Lands.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
The Tiefling Trio
Kill the Soul Eater, saving all three Sweet Teeth.
The Story's End
Win the game!
Forged in blood
Win the game, playing on Unfair difficulty.
Now you fall!
Knock off any creature that is 3 size categories larger than you.
Sinmarket Best Customer
Make the fey merchant adore you.
Goblin Tears
Make the goblin merchant cry real tears.
God of Poetry
Help the goblins in composing their war song!
See You Yesterday!
Meet legendary Eldest of Time three times. Or, rather, in three different times.
You founded a barony in a wild, dangerous land. Good luck with that!

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