• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    *There are 6 secret trophies. show

    BaseballUse the melee attack to deflect missile and grenades from enemies.Silver
    Blazing Chrome lvl. 1Destroy 500 enemies.Bronze
    Blazing Chrome lvl. 2Destroy 1500 enemies.Bronze
    Blazing Chrome lvl. 3Destroy 5000 enemies.Silver
    Blazing PlatinumObtain all trophies.Platinum
    Brawler ExpertFinish any boss off using the melee attack.Bronze
    Brawler lvl. 1Destroy 10 enemies using the melee attack.Bronze
    Brawler lvl. 2Destroy 100 enemies using the melee attack.Bronze
    Brawler lvl. 3Destroy 500 enemies using the melee attack.Silver
    CaptainComplete the game in NORMAL mode.Silver
    Chrome LordComplete the Boss Rush Mode.Silver
    ColonelComplete the game in HARDCORE mode.Gold
    Detonation ExpertDestroy 3 enemies at once using an explosive barrel.Bronze
    Doppelganger (secret)Destroy your holographic clone on the final boss.Bronze
    EradicatorDestroy 6 enemies in a row using the charged particle beam.Bronze
    ExterminatorKill the Spider Queen in less than 20 seconds.Silver
    Finish Him (secret)Use the melee attack to finish off Commander Zet.Bronze
    Go Ninja GoComplete the game using any melee character.Gold
    GrenadierDestroy 4 enemies at once using the grenade launcher.Bronze
    Hookshot (secret)Use the energy whip to collect an item.Bronze
    LieutenantComplete the game in EASY mode.Bronze
    Maximum FirepowerGet all the weapon upgrades on the 3D Tunnel Stage.Bronze
    Mech Rider IComplete Mission I with the blue mech.Bronze
    Mech Rider IIComplete Mission III with the drill mech.Silver
    Mech Rider IIIComplete Mission V with the orange mech.Bronze
    Mirror MatchComplete the game in Mirror Mode (any difficulty level).Gold
    Mission IComplete Mission I.Bronze
    Mission IIComplete Mission II.Bronze
    Mission IIIComplete Mission III.Bronze
    Mission IVComplete Mission IV.Bronze
    Mission VComplete Mission V.Silver
    Mission VIComplete Mission VI.Silver
    Nothing Left (secret)Destroy the legs from the Gorilla Boss after defeating him.Bronze
    Perfect SoldierComplete any mission without dying.Bronze
    Puppet MasterCollect 50 battle bots.Bronze
    SniperDestroy 4 enemies using a single particle beam shot.Bronze
    SpeedrunnerComplete the game in less than 40 minutes in normal or hardcore mode.Gold
    Taking a ride (secret)Hang on the Gunship during Mission 1-3.Bronze
    Treasure Hunter (secret)Find the hidden 1UP on Mission 6.Bronze
    Weapon LordCollect 100 weapons.Silver

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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