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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!
You've earned every trophy? You must be Bubsy's biggest fan!
Are We There Yet?
Beat a level with any character. A Hero's journey starts with a single hero's step!
Hey, Big Spender!
Buy something in the store. You're worth it!
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Antsy, Are We?
Attempt to skip the loading screen by mashing buttons. Impatience is a virtue.
Knit Happens
Gather all the yarn in a level as Bubsy.
Air Bub
Stay in the air as Bubsy for ten seconds or longer. Enjoy your in-flight meal!
Credits Where Credits is Due
Watch the credits at the end of the game without skipping them. They made Bubsy's latest adventure possible, you know!
It Takes A Village
Play as every character in the game. They're nice once you get to know them!
How's the Weather Down There?
Beat an Arnold level.
I Want For Nothing
Complete a level without gathering any collectibles.
Killy Crystal
Smash 500 crystals as Arnold. All shell is breaking loose!
On a Roll
Beat all of Arnold's levels.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Try on Arnold's donut costume. He looks good with sprinkles, doesn't he?
Mest Your Tettle
Beat level 3-9 without bonking as Bubsy. You're a natural-born bobcat!
Famous Last Words
Hear all of Bubsy's death one-liners in a single play session. You're gonna hear from my agent!
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Those Pesky Pop-Ups
Play level 2-3 as Virgil...What do you mean, "This trophy is ALSO a pesky pop-up"?
Beat World 1's Boss. Where'd you learn to fire a laser like that?
Goo Grief!
Beat World 2's Boss. I'm sending you my dry-cleaning bill!
Sit Back and Relax!
You beat a Bubsy game! Time to update the resume.
Hooray for Consumerism!
Purchase all of Bubsy's costumes. Those kids are good salescats!
Cats and Jogs
Play through every main level with every character!

Originally Contributed By: Mookiethebold

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