• Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    A Few TweaksChange something using the mutators menu.Bronze
    A Monk's LifeWin a match without using any pickups.Bronze
    All RounderWin a match of at least half of the gamemodes.Gold
    Blinky ApprovedTry all of the mutators.Bronze
    Chair-BreakerLose the match after being on match point 5 or more times.Bronze
    Channelling Negative EnergyFinish the match on a negative score.Bronze
    Chicken MarengoGet killed 5 times in a row by falling too far behind the leader.Bronze
    Cliff DivingGet killed by driving off the track.Bronze
    Complete ControlUse the customise menu.Bronze
    CTR RulesBe selected for the podium after a match ends in a tie.Bronze
    Dead Man's BootsTake the lead by shooting the leading player.Bronze
    Doing a BradburyWin a match after there being 3 or more players on match-point above you.Silver
    Don't Choke!Be on match point 3 times in a row without winning the match.Bronze
    Eat My DustTake the lead by using the speed boost pickup.Bronze
    Enemies EternalAll four human players kill someone in the same round.Bronze
    Fairness Through InequalitySet some per-player options in the customise menu.Bronze
    First!Win a round of any game mode.Bronze
    Friends ForeverAll four human players are alive at the end of the round.Bronze
    Full Contact RacingPush another player off the track.Bronze
    Furiously Fast FourAll four humans players get a sub 12 second lap time on the Figure 8 track in Best Lap Time game mode.Silver
    Good TimesPlay 1000 rounds.Silver
    Great TimesWin 100 matches.Silver
    I Have the PowerTry all of the powerups.Bronze
    I Was Told There Would Be MedalsFail to win the match even after winning the round while on match point.Bronze
    Just Need to Know Where I've BeenWin a round while driving backwards.Bronze
    Keep on SwimmingWin an elimination quick game with a score over 1000 points.Bronze
    Mass MurderKill 3 other players in a single round.Bronze
    Master BlasterFinish a round of at least ten of the Battle game modes.Bronze
    No Plumbers nor MarsupialsWin a match of the Kart Racing game mode.Bronze
    Non-Violent ResistanceWin a match without dealing any damage to or killing other players.Bronze
    On a RollWin 3 matches in a row in a single session.Bronze
    Options All the Way DownFind the deepest level of the customise menu.Bronze
    Outta My WayLaunch a player into the air using the cowcatcher.Bronze
    PacifistWin a round without dealing any damage to or killing other players.Bronze
    Reflected GloryYour controller buddy won the match.Bronze
    Reversal of FortuneMove from last place to first place in one round (against at least 3 competitors).Bronze
    Schweetz!Finish a round of at least ten of the Race game modes.Bronze
    SimplifyWin a round without using any pickups.Bronze
    Single Vehicle AccidentDie by driving off the track without help.Bronze
    Staying AliveFinish a round of at least ten of the Elimination game modes.Bronze
    Take That Skynet!Humans finish in 1st and 2nd in a two human versus two AI match, and only AI players are killed.Silver
    The Bus That Couldn't Slow DownWin a match of the Speed Limit game mode.Bronze
    The Resistance Starts NowPlay against three AI and get at least 10 kills before getting killed by an AI.Bronze
    ThoroughTry a non-default setting from every deep customisation row.Silver
    Three Birds, One StoneHit 3 players with one railgun shot.Bronze
    Three Legged RaceFinish a match in first and second place with your controller buddy.Bronze
    Tick TickFinish a round of at least ten of the Time Trial game modes.Bronze
    Time for a Shoey!Successfully master all the ways to play Party Crashers.Platinum
    Too SlowGet killed by falling too far behind the leader.Bronze
    Try Accelerating Next TimeDon't win a round in a match of 500 points or more.Bronze
    Ultra SprintWin a match of the Super Classic Arcade game mode on the Bends Track.Bronze
    UnbreakableWin a round with less than 5% health.Bronze
    UnstoppableWin every round in a match of 500 points.Bronze
    Wheeeeeee!Use the sliders to customise further.Bronze
    Why Race When You Can Shoot?Win any battle mode against other humans.Bronze

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

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