Why will the quest not start for resupply?

  1. Everytime I start the resupply for the trader mission on rdr2 online the quest won't start for 10-15 minutes. The only thing I can do is buy the supplies or the whole game messes up. Example: when I bring the supplies back it doesn't register or, my horse randomly trips on air and dies etc. devine500 - 2 years ago - report
  2. Is there a way to fix this glitch devine500 - 2 years ago - report


  1. Okay so I don’t know whether you’re confused about the resupply as a whole or what, so I’ll break it down

    For Trader, at the Cripps Tables, you will see 3 different selections you can choose

    At the top there is

    Donate: This is where you can donate materials such as animals carcasses (cannot be skinned), feathers, skins of animals (not the skinned carcass, but only the skin itself) and other things that are not meats that you are able to cook or otherwise sell to a butcher (Cripps and Gus will accept the same stuff, neither accept meats or skinned animals, but take relatively everything else)

    At the bottom, there is

    Delivery: this is where you deliver your goods. Either do a local delivery or distant. Both will reward with 200 trader exp no matter what. Distance delivery is useless until you get the large wagon. Then you basically only should ever do distant unless you’re afraid of being griefed, then do local instead. Do local ONLY if you do not have a large wagon, and the table is not at 100/100 materials.

    And lastly, in the middle, is

    Resupply: now this is tricky for newer people. Resupply, like donate and delivery, has a bar that is constantly going down, however you can’t see it. You do not resupply the materials you donate. The only materials you can donate are those you hunt. Resupply is for an invisible bar that represents Cripp’s tools. Over time, Cripps uses his tools to create the delivery goods from the materials you donate (every 2 materials you donate turns into 1 good, and it takes 2 minutes to produce 1 good as well). These tools will over time gradually stop working. When they stop working, is when you do either a resupply mission, or you purchase the supplies. Keep in mind, you can either buy them for $20 and wait a little until Cripps starts turning your donated hunted animals into goods, or you can do a resupply mission, and as soon as you get back, he will start producing immediately, with an added bonus of extra materials added to the donations (if you did a resupply mission and it ended with you bringing a sack on your horse back to camp, normally it rewards you with 5 materials worth into the donations. If you ended up bringing a wagon, it instead rewards you with 20. It is random what resupply you get, and I do believe the more posse members you have, the more it will reward you, but I think that may only be for when you’re bringing sacks back to camp, could be wrong, but idk).
    RyanWuzHere - 4 months ago - report 0   0
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