Is The Kamurocho Bomber side quest glitched?

  1. I just finished my play through of the game and loved it. I want to get every friend/side case and am currently at 49/50 friends and 46/50 cases left. I’m on premium mode and I figured out I missed the Kamurocho Bomber cases part 2 and 3 and then the Kenji gang final mission and then the final side case in the game. In order to get the final friend to get to the final two side cases I need to finish the bomber side cases but it will not show up on my map. I thought all side cases were still available after the game was complete. How can I go about completing the bomber side cases without replaying the whole game again?

    User Info: TeddyandToria

    TeddyandToria - 6 months ago


  1. You get the mad bomber by exploring the streets of Kamurocho.

    Part 1: Same street as Yagami Detection Agency. - Bomb is besides Earth Angel in the Champion District.

    Part 2: Theatre Avenue - Bomb is at Akaushimar in the Hotel District

    Part 3: Shichifuku Street (Right corner of Kamurocho Tower) - Bomb is at the Pink Street Poppo.

    User Info: LauryW

    LauryW - 6 months ago 0   0
  2. I understand where each area to trigger the case is that's not the problem. There is no blue side case icon near theatre ave to trigger part 2 of the mad bomber though. Are you saying it will randomly trigger? I've walked past the area several times and yet nothing happens which leads me to believe it's glitched or has become a missed side case.

    User Info: TeddyandToria

    TeddyandToria - 6 months ago

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