Date quest marker disappeared?

  1. I was doing the quest "The Socialite's Secret", and when I needed to change into a disguise Sana messaged me for a first date. I accepted and saw the marker, but couldn't progress until continuing my tail. Now i'm done with that quest and the date marker is gone, i'm supposed to go back to the agency.

    Are dates timed? Or is something else probably story-related blocking it?

    User Info: Leon14344

    Leon14344 - 7 months ago


  1. Story is probably blocking it. Try progressing the story a bit more then see if the marker reappears.

    User Info: LauryW

    LauryW - 7 months ago 0   0
  2. Check the message again. You may just have to re-accept the date request again.

    User Info: shogun001

    shogun001 - 7 months ago 0   0

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